A2 Technologies

A2 Technologies

OEM Capital was asked by the members of A2 Technologies, LLC, a privately held technology company, to assist in the sale of the company to a strategic acquirer.

A2 Technologies, LLC based in Danbury, Connecticut, designs and manufactures portable and lab-based FTIR spectrometers used in a variety of analytical applications for companies in the geoscience, environmental, petrochemical, aerospace, academic, and art conservation industries.

Agilent Technologies, Inc. a publicly traded company (NYSE:A) based in Santa Clara, California, designs, manufactures, and markets analytical instruments used in chemical analysis, life sciences, electronics, and communications applications.

OEM Capital worked closely with the A2 management team to identify a group of strategic acquirers that would benefit from A2’s existing product portfolio, as well as provide the sales and distribution resources required to propel the sale of A2’s products on a more global scale. As a result of our involvement in the sale process, the members of A2 Technologies were able to realize their objectives in a timely manner.

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