Since 1943, Gabriel Electronics Incorporated, a closely held company based in Scarborough , Maine , has been a leader in the development of point to point microwave antennas and accessories for the communications industry. Thousands of its parabolic and horn reflector antennas serve millions of channel miles throughout the world in telephone, industrial, television and government applications.

TriPoint Global Communications, a privately held company based in Gastonia, North Carolina, specializes in fixed and mobile satellite communication subsystems; fixed and transportable antenna systems; high power amplifiers, base band multiplexers and switching platforms, frequency converters, controls, and design, engineering, integration, installation and commission of advanced communications systems.

OEM Capital was asked by Gabriel Electronics Incorporated with the support of Key Corporate Capital, Inc., its principal lender, to assist the company in managing the sale of its business during the severe telecommunications industry recession.

The company required a strategic partner with the resources to effectively exploit its proprietary, state-of-the-art technology. Key to a successful engagement was finding and closing a transaction within the shortest possible time.

OEM Capital worked closely with management to prepare a selling memorandum while developing a marketing program aimed at soliciting interest from strategic acquirers, time being of the essence. Using our network of international affiliates, this program elicited a number of interested parties.

As a result of our involvement, Gabriel Electronics Incorporated was able to conclude a transaction within the time frame required by its lenders.

Our success with Gabriel Electronics Incorporated illustrates that , whether a business is healthy, under performing or distressed, superior valuations can be realized for the selling shareholders by a well-executed approach to a sale or divestiture by merger and acquisition professionals who are knowledgeable about the industry and the intentions of its participants.

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