2018 US Tech M&A Deals

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  • On Assignment, Inc. signed a definitive agreement to acquire ECS Federal, LLC.

    ECS Federal, Inc. provides technology services and solutions to the United States federal government agencies and departments of the United States government.

  • Bomgar Corporation acquired Lieberman Software Corporation.

    Lieberman Software Corporation, a cyber security software company, provides privileged identity management and security management products for customers worldwide.

  • DPW Holdings, Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire FlexiSphere Technologies, Inc.

    FlexiSphere Technologies, Inc. provides IT managed services for small and medium sized businesses.

  • PeopleAdmin, Inc. signed a definitive agreement to acquire Performance Matters LLC.

    Performance Matters LLC provides data warehousing and business intelligence solutions for various organizations.

  • Liquid Web Inc. acquired iThemes.

    iThemes Media LLC designs and develops plugins for WordPress.

  • Ernst & Young LLP acquired Citizen Inc.

    Citizen Inc. offers digital design services.

  • Red Hat, Inc. signed a definitive agreement to acquire CoreOS, Inc.

    CoreOS, Inc. develops open source projects for Linux Containers and provides Internet security software solutions.

  • Amdocs Limited entered a definitive agreement to acquire Vubiquity, Inc.

    Vubiquity, Inc. provides multiplatform video services.

  • HashChain Technology Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire Node40, LLC.

    Node40, LLC, doing business as Node40.com, develops a blockchain accounting software and provides masternode hosting service to manage ledger of bitcoin and dash transactions.

  • American Express Company acquired Mezi.

    Mezi provides executive assistant services using a text message interface.

  • DAXKO LLC acquired Club Automation, LLC.

    Club Automation, LLC operates as a health club management software developer for health and athletic clubs and medically integrated wellness centers.

  • LivingTree acquired Edbacker, LLC.

    Edbacker, LLC develops an online funding platform for PTA/PTOs, schools, and organizations.

  • Gitlab Inc. acquired Gemnasium.

    Tech-Angels Inc. develops software, Gemnasium, that monitors software dependencies, notifies users of security updates or advisories, and automates open source code updates.

  • SAP America, Inc. entered into an agreement and plan of merger to acquire Callidus Software Inc.

    Callidus Software Inc. provides cloud-based sales, marketing, learning, and customer experience solutions worldwide.

  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire ThreatMetrix Inc.

    ThreatMetrix Inc. provides context-based business security and fraud prevention solutions for businesses in various industries worldwide.

  • Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. acquired substantially all assets from Neutral Path Communications, LLC.

    Substantially All Assets of Neutral Path Communications, LLC comprises fiber optics network for long haul infrastructure.

  • LOGIX Communications, LP acquired the fiber assets of FiberLight, LLC.

    Fiber Assets Of FiberLight, LLC comprises fiber assets in the United States

  • KPIT Technologies Limited agreed to acquire Birlasoft Ltd.

    Birlasoft Ltd. provides value-based information technology outsourcing services to businesses for enabling them to transform their business.

  • Avaya Holdings Corp. entered into definitive agreement to acquire Spoken Communications Inc.

    Intellisist, Inc., doing business as Spoken Communications, provides cloud-based enterprise platform for contact centers.

  • Himax Technologies, Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire certain advanced nano 3D masters manufacturing assets and related intellectual property and business from an unknown US-based technology company.

    Certain Advanced Nano 3D Masters Manufacturing Assets and Related Intellectual Property and Business comprises nano 3D masters manufacturing business.

  • Cleareon Fiber Networks, LLC signed a definitive agreement to acquire additional data center assets within the New York City.

    Additional Data Center Assets Within the New York City comprises data centers.

  • NUVIAD acquired the operational assets of Rich Media Worldwide, LLC.

    Operational Assets of Rich Media Worldwide, LLC comprises business that offers a distribution platform for advertisers and publishers to buy, sell, and serve viewable impressions.

  • Microsoft Corporation acquired PlayFab, Inc.

    PlayFab, Inc. provides a backend platform for games that deliver real-time tools and services for LiveOps.

  • StateServ Medical, LLC acquired HospiceLink.

    Network Medical, Inc., doing business as HospiceLink, delivers a durable medical equipment benefits management software solution that controls costs, mitigates risks, increases transparency, and optimizes operational efficiencies for hospice operators and DME providers in the United States.

  • CLEAResult Consulting, Inc. reached an agreement to acquire the utility solutions division of ENGIE Insight.

    Utility Solutions Division of ENGIE Insight comprises energy efficiency software solution.

  • Demand Bridge, LLC acquired Kramer-Smilko, Inc.

    Kramer-Smilko, Inc. designs and develops distributor management software solutions for clients.

  • The HCI Group acquired Infinity HIT, LLC.

    Infinity HIT, LLC offers technical consulting and staffing services for the healthcare and information technology industry.

  • Conterra Ultra Broadband, LLC signed a definitive agreement to acquire Network USA, LLC.

    Network USA, LLC provides regional telecommunications services.

  • Aisle Ahead, Inc. acquired BigOven.

    Lakefront Software Inc. develops an application for home cooks to find and add recipes, make grocery lists, and share their creations with other users.

  • Internap Corporation entered into purchase and sale agreement to acquire membership interest of SingleHop, LLC.

    SingleHop, LLC provides hosted IT infrastructure and cloud computing services for businesses and enterprises worldwide.

  • Opus Inspection, Inc. signed an agreement to acquire Gordon-Darby, Inc.

    Gordon-Darby, Inc., a contractor, designs, develops, manufactures, and sells testing equipment for the inspection and maintenance industry.

  • Duravant LLC entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Key Technology, Inc.

    Key Technology, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures, sells, and services process automation systems integrating electro-optical inspection, sorting, and process systems in the United States and internationally.

  • AMCS acquired Brady USA Inc. and Systems Alternative International LLC from Brady plc.

    Brady USA Inc. and Systems Alternative International LLC designs, develops, and delivers software solutions for commercial recyclers, brokers, and mills/consumers.

  • FinTech Imaging Solutions, Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire Digiliti Money, Inc.

    Digiliti Money, Inc. provides cloud-based software-as-a-service financial technology solutions to the financial services industry in the United States.

  • Novacap Investments, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Horizon Telcom, Inc.

    Horizon Telcom, Inc. provides telecommunications services to Southern Ohio.

  • Tetra Tech, Inc. acquired Bridgenet International Inc.

    Bridgenet International Inc. develops and deploys Volans, a web-based three-dimensional application for flight operations.

  • Ford Smart Mobility LLC acquired TransLoc Inc.

    TransLoc Inc. provides real-time information to transit systems of municipalities and universities.

  • Zadane.pl sp. z o.o. acquired Bask.

    Bask provides video learning platform to help students visually learn and collaborate online.

  • Mediware Information Systems, Inc. acquired MEDTranDirect, Inc.

    MEDTranDirect, Inc. provides software as a service technology solutions for processing and managing Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant healthcare transactions such as eligibility, claims, and remittances.

  • E2open, Inc. acquired Birch Worldwide and Entomo.

    Birch Worldwide Ltd. provides software solutions for channel data management.

  • Brainly, Inc. acquired Bask Technology, Inc.

    Bask Technology, Inc. provides remote technology support services.

  • Celestica Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Atrenne Integrated Solutions, Inc.

    Atrenne Integrated Solutions, Inc., through its subsidiaries, manufactures electro-mechanical integrated solutions for rugged and harsh environments.

  • Network Billing Systems LLC entered into Asset Purchase Agreement to acquire IQMax, Inc.

    IQMax, Inc. develops intelligent healthcare communication cloud based platform and solutions that integrate data in systems to provide access to useful information through iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone devices.

  • Aras Corporation acquired Impresa Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul business of Infospectrum, Inc.

    Impresa Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Business Of Infospectrum, Inc. comprises product lifecycle management software solutions.

  • OEP Capital Advisors, L.P. acquired Rizing, LLC.

    Rizing, LLC, through its subsidiaries, provides SAP functional and technical services.

  • PCM, Inc. acquired Epoch Universal, Inc.

    Epoch Universal, Inc. provides design, implementation, and support services of unified communications, network security, and wireless and wired local and wide area networks for the commercial and public sector clients.

  • Freight Farms, Inc. acquired Cabbige, Inc.

    Cabbige, Inc. develops and markets a business intelligence web application that helps small farms make more money.

  • Vertiv Group Corporation entered into agreement to acquire Geist Global, Inc.

    Geist Global, Inc. manufactures power distribution units for data centers.

  • Fiverr International Limited acquired AND CO Ventures, Inc.

    AND CO Ventures, Inc. develops an application for invoicing, expenses, and paperwork for freelances and other independent professionals.

  • HERE Technologies signed a definitive agreement to acquire Micello, Inc.

    Micello, Inc. develops and provides indoor venue maps for mapping and navigation companies, retailers, hospital groups, mobile carriers, and application developers worldwide.

  • Zenapay acquired CryptoFolio.

    CryptoFolio develops a crypto currency portfolio management android application.

  • AdTech Photonics, Inc. acquired Adtech Optics, Inc.

    AdTech Optics, Inc. designs and manufactures quantum cascade lasers and photodiodes.

  • Semiconductor Devices – An Elbit Systems-Rafael Partnership acquired Quantum Imaging, Inc.

    Quantum Imaging, Inc. engages in designing, development, and manufacture of cooled and uncooled infrared detectors, power laser diodes, and short wave infrared cameras for military, industrial, and scientific.

  • Cisco Systems, Inc. agreed to acquire Skyport Systems Inc.

    Skyport Systems Inc. develops enterprise security and hyper-secured infrastructure solutions for critical IT and corporate assets.

  • Vectrus, Inc. acquired SENTEL Corporation from R&R Enterprises, Inc.

    SENTEL Corporation provides engineering, integrated logistics, information technology, intelligence, and test and evaluation services to government and commercial clients worldwide.

  • SinglePoint, Inc. signed a letter of intent to acquire Bitcoin Beyond.

    Bitcoin Beyond offers a software platform that allows retail merchants to accept Bitcoin payments through a point-of-sale device.

  • IZON Network, Inc. entered into a letter of intent to acquire ProShot Golf, Inc.

    ProShot Golf, Inc. develops and provides GPS cart mounted yardage systems for the golfers, and course management and cart tracking solutions for golf course owners, operators, and managers.

  • Refer.com, Inc. acquired Referral Key, Inc.

    Referral Key, Inc. provides referral networking platform which allows small business professionals to manage and expand referral relationships with business connections.

  • GTCR, LLC signed a definitive agreement to acquire EaglePicher Technologies, LLC.

    EaglePicher Technologies, LLC designs, manufactures, and supplies batteries, battery management systems, and energetic devices for defense, aerospace, commercial, and medical customers.

  • Facebook, Inc. agreed to acquire Confirm Inc.

    Confirm Inc. provides mobile ID authentication checks on any government issued IDs.

  • Amazon Web Services, Inc. acquired Sqrrl Data, Inc.

    Sqrrl Data, Inc., a threat hunting company, enables organizations to target, hunt, and disrupt advanced cyber threats.

  • Deloitte Digital acquired the assets of ATADATA LLC.

    All Assets of ATADATA LLC comprises business operation that provides solutions for the discovery, cloning, and synchronization of data and application workloads.

  • Spaulding Ridge entered into an agreement to acquire Plan Rocket Consulting LLC.

    Plan Rocket Consulting LLC provides Anaplan connected planning implementation services.

  • SageNet, Inc. acquired Aware Software.

    Aware Software delivers monitoring solutions through enterprise visibility software and managed wireless networks.

  • UHY Advisors, Inc. acquired Bright Point Consulting, LLC.

    Bright Point Consulting, LLC operates as a finance and accounting software implementation firm.

  • Entegris, Inc. acquired Particle Sizing Systems, LLC.

    Particle Sizing Systems, LLC provides instrumentation for particle size analysis.

  • Digi International Inc. acquired Accelerated Concepts, Inc.

    Accelerated Concepts, Inc. provides enterprise wireless cellular network data hardware and services.

  • Automatic Data Processing, Inc. acquired WorkMarket.

    Work Market Inc. develops a mobile application.

  • Loyal Companies acquired LinkTrust Systems, Inc.

    LinkTrust Systems, Inc. develops and offers affiliate tracking and lead management software solutions.

  • Intergraph Corporation acquired Plant Design Solutions.

    Plant Design Solutions distributes plant design software.

  • Clubessential LLC acquired ClubReady LLC.

    ClubReady LLC operates a Web based club management platform for fitness facilities, fitness individuals, and large corporate chains.

  • Zeff Holding Company LLC acquired Microwave Filter Company.

    Microwave Filter Company, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and sells electronic filters for radio and microwave frequencies primarily in the United States.

  • Future Farm Technologies Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 51% stake in FlipCoin of New England CCS.

    FlipCoin of New England CCS comprises cryptocurrency application and point of sale platform.

  • CAI Software LLC acquired Integrated Management Solutions.

    IMS Software LLC designs and develops business management software for meat, seafood, and poultry distributors and processors.

  • Pandell Technology Corporation acquired LandWorks, Inc.

    LandWorks, Inc. provides software, consulting, and land asset management and geographic information system solutions.

  • Faye Business Systems Group, Inc. acquired Sugar Practice of Oasis Solutions.

    Sugar Practice of Oasis Solutions comprises SugarCRM, a customer relationship management software package.

  • ProText Mobility, Inc. signed a letter of intent to acquire 60% stake in Growprocess, Inc.

    Growprocess, Inc. designs and develops seed-to-sale blockchain digital ledger platform offering information on every cannabis consignment produced.

  • GiveGab, Inc. acquired all assets from Kimbia, Inc.

    All Assets of Kimbia develops online fundraising and crowdfunding platform for cause organizations.

  • Fairway Technologies, Inc. acquired Solekai Systems Corporation.

    Solekai Systems Corporation, a software engineering services company, provides design, development, integration, and test services for digital video, DOD, and smart grid industries.

  • Education Networks of America, Inc. acquired Telequality Communications, Inc.

    TeleQuality Communications, Inc. provides telecommunications and network connectivity products and services to rural healthcare facilities.

  • Change Healthcare acquired National Decision Support Company.

    National Decision Support Company designs and develops a cloud based solution that delivers medical guidelines to point of care through electronic health record system.

  • Assembla, LLC acquired Zennaware.

    Zennaware develops Cornerstone, an application that allows to compare, review, and share your project.

  • The SCE Group acquired Cayden Security.

    Cayden Security, a cyber security, IT risk management and compliance solutions provider, cyber security products and consulting, as well as turnkey managed security services for 3rd party risk.

  • Trax Technology Solutions Pte Ltd. acquired Quri Inc.

    Quri Inc. develops a web application that helps businesses monitor the way their products and promotions are being executed in a retail environment.

  • Ignite Technologies, Inc. acquired ScaleArc, Inc.

    ScaleArc, Inc. develops a database load balancing software.

  • Thoma Bravo, LLC acquired Motus, LLC and Runzheimer International Ltd.

    Motus, LLC develops and distributes mobile workforce management solutions. Runzheimer International Ltd. provides employee mobility management services for corporations and government agencies.

  • EXPLORE123 acquired Exactpro Systems, LLC.

    Exactpro Systems, LLC provides software development, and functional and non-functional testing of securities data distribution, trading systems, risk management, market surveillance, and post-trade infrastructures.

  • FoxNext acquired Cold Iron Studios from Perfect World Entertainment, Inc.

    Cold Iron Studios, Inc. develops mobile, console, and personal computer games.

  • JumpStart Games, Inc. acquired Sokikom.

    Sokikom develops web-based game that engages students of grades one to six in guided, discovery-based, and situated learning games.

  • Workday, Inc. acquired SkipFlag, Inc.

    SkipFlag, Inc. designs and develops software that turns conversations into knowledge.

  • Veeam Software AG acquired N2W Software Inc.

    N2W Software Inc. provides enterprise-class EC2 backup and disaster recovery solutions for data protection and production environments deployed in the public cloud.

  • Greenfield Farms Food, Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire certain assets of Ngen Technologies USA Corp. and NUSA?s wholly owned subsidiary, Ngen Technologies Korea Ltd.

    Certain Assets of Ngen Technologies USA Corp. & Ngen Technologies Korea Ltd. comprises assets which includes the proprietary 3D mobile display module for the smartphone and other telecom OEM’s, manufacturing know-how, purchase orders, contracts, inventory, accounts receivable and fixed assets related to ‘NKOR’ Business.

  • Emerson Automation Solutions acquired ProSys Inc.

    ProSys, Inc. develops software and provides global process control consulting services to the chemical, petrochemical, refining, pulp and paper; and oil and gas industries.

  • APCT Holdings, LLC acquired Cartel Electronics, Inc.

    Cartel Electronics, Inc. manufactures and supplies printed circuit boards (PCB).

  • Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft acquired remaining stake in Parkmobile USA, Inc.

    Parkmobile USA, Inc. provides on-demand and prepaid mobile payment solutions for on-street and off-street parking in colleges and universities in the United States.

  • OpenGate Capital, LLC acquired Mersive Technologies, Inc.

    Mersive Technologies, Inc. provides a wireless media streaming and collaboration software solution for corporate, education, and government markets.

  • Directed acquired Alcohol Detection Systems.

    Alcohol Detection Systems, Inc. manufactures breathalyzer-based ignition interlock devices.

  • WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. acquired Percipient Networks.

    Percipient Networks provides cyber-security defense solutions against advanced threats to protect people?s ideas and their data.

  • Press Ganey Holdings, Inc. acquired Bivarus, Inc.

    Bivarus, Inc. develops a cloud-based analytics platform for measuring continuous quality improvement and the patient experience to hospital-based outpatient service lines, community-based clinics, and group practices through patient-centered insights.

  • An undisclosed buyer acquired three communications towers of Tesuque Radio Company.

    Three Communications Towers of Tesuque Radio Company comprises three radio communications towers.

  • Smartsheet.com, Inc. acquired Converse.AI, INC.

    Converse.AI, INC develops chat flow software using natural language processing technology for business automation.

  • Diversis Capital, LLC acquired an unknown majority stake in Marketron Broadcast Solutions, LLC.

    Marketron Broadcast Solutions, LLC provides business software solutions and services for the media industry.

  • Midwest Timer Service, Inc. acquired Lectro Components, Inc.

    Lectro Components Inc. engages in the distribution of electronic components.

  • Liquid Media Group Ltd. acquired 51% stake in Majesco Entertainment Company.

    Majesco Entertainment Company develops, publishes, and distributes video game products through retail distribution and mobile and online digital downloading.

  • Beyond Commerce, Inc. signed a definitive business combination agreement to acquire Service 800, Inc.

    Service 800, Inc. provides customer feedback and satisfaction monitoring solutions to medium to large companies, and multi-national corporations.

  • Gopher Protocol Inc. entered into binding agreement to acquire Spare CS Inc.

    Spare CS, Inc. develops and operates a application.

  • Metrohm AG acquired Innovative Photonic Solutions, Inc.

    Innovative Photonic Solutions, Inc. engages in the design and manufacture of light source systems for medical, scientific, and military applications.

  • I’m From the Future, LLC acquired Webris.

    Webris operates a digital marketing company providing search engine optimization services.

  • Mi9 Retail, Inc. acquired JustEnough Software Corporation, Inc.

    JustEnough Software Corporation, Inc. provides demand management solutions for retail, wholesale, and direct-to-consumer businesses.

  • SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire DST Systems, Inc.

    DST Systems, Inc. provides technology-based information processing and servicing solutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and internationally.

  • Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. signed an agreement to acquire ProVation Medical, Inc.

    ProVation Medical, Inc. provides clinical decision support and procedure documentation solutions.

  • Vermeg N.V. reached agreement on the terms of a recommended cash offer to acquire Lombard Risk Management plc.

    Lombard Risk Management plc provides trading, valuation, and risk management systems; and regulatory reporting systems to the financial markets worldwide.

  • FireEye, Inc. acquired X15 Software, Inc.

    X15 Software, Inc. develops a machine and log data management platform which combines search and analytic query capabilities.

  • Jama Software, Inc. acquired Notion Data, Inc.

    Notion Data, Inc. provides a solution that helps teams to request, collect, and visualize data that is in applications, reports, or across departments.

  • IDW Productions acquired Novum Analytics.

    Novum Behavioral Analytics, LLC develops augmented reality games under the brand name Night Terror.

  • INgrooves Music Group acquired Sovereign Music Services.

    Sovereign Music, Inc. provides royalty accounting and mechanical reporting services for label, publishers, and artist partners.

  • Blacksmith Applications, Inc. acquired GoSimple LLC.

    GoSimple LLC develops trade promotion management solution for the foodservice industry.

  • LendingPoint LLC acquired LoanHero, Inc.

    LoanHero, Inc. develops and operates a loan origination platform for lenders and merchants to approve customer loans.

  • MC2 Consulting Services, Inc. acquired Shugo, LLC.

    Shugo, LLC provides cloud-based secure file transfer services.

  • RetireUp, LLC acquired RepPro, LLC.

    RepPro LLC provides a Web-based solution to fill out financial forms that reduces time and errors.

  • iSqFt Holdings Inc. acquired the assets of Quote Software, Inc.

    Assets of Quote Software, Inc. comprises construction industry software.

  • The Danville Group, Inc. acquired Kenandy, Inc.

    Kenandy, Inc. provides cloud enterprise resource planning solutions for enterprises in the United States and internationally.

  • InMobi Technologies Private Limited acquired Aerserv LLC.

    Aerserv LLC designs and develops mobile mediation and revenue management platform offering mobile video and brand advertising for mobile application publishers.

  • UpperSolution.com entered into a share purchase agreement to acquire Analog Nest Technologies, Inc.

    Analog Nest Technologies, Inc. develops utility/entertainment applications for Google?s Android and Apple?s iOS platforms.

  • Baring Private Equity Asia, agreed to acquire Prometric Inc.

    Prometric Inc. provides test development and test delivery solutions for organizations worldwide.

  • Clearlake Capital Group, L.P. acquired Perforce Software Inc.

    Perforce Software Inc. develops, markets, and supports software configuration management systems.

  • Technosoft Corporation acquired Rumba Solutions LLC.

    Rumba Solutions LLC offers IT consulting services, staffing, business intelligence solutions, end-to-end custom application development, and full cycle application development services.

  • Fastcase.com, Inc. acquired Docket Alarm, Inc.

    Docket Alarm, Inc. develops legal research, analytics, and alert tool for attorneys.

  • Synopsys, Inc. acquired Kilopass Technology Inc.

    Kilopass Technology Inc. provides semiconductor logic non-volatile memory intellectual property using standard logic CMOS processes to deliver one-time programmable and few-time programmable memory.

  • M&A Ventures, LLC acquired PayMaxx Pro, LLC.

    PayMaxx Pro, LLC develops payment processing solutions.

  • 10th Magnitude, Inc. acquired Northwest Cadence Corporation.

    Northwest Cadence Corporation offers cloud integration and data analytics services to software delivery teams.

  • UniPrint.net Corp. acquired ePRINTit USA Inc.

    ePRINTit USA Inc. develops cloud-based printing solutions.

  • Datamax Inc. acquired East Texas Copy Systems, Inc.

    East Texas Copy Systems, Inc. provides managed information technology services, managed print services, document management, after-market supplies, and data backup solutions.

  • Starr Investment Holdings, LLC agreed to acquire a majority stake in ACA Compliance Group Holdings, LLC.

    ACA Compliance Group Holdings, LLC provides regulatory compliance products and solutions, cybersecurity and risk assessments, performance consulting services, and technology solutions to regional, national, and global firms in the financial services industry.

  • B2Digital Inc. acquired Bluegrass MMA.

    BluegrassMMA Media, Inc. operates social media and digital communication platforms to raise awareness for the local fighters in the MMA community.

  • Agero, Inc. acquired SwoopMe, Inc.

    SwoopMe, Inc. develops towing software.

  • Hitachi Healthcare Americas Corporation entered into agreement to acquire Vidistar, LLC.

    Vidistar, LLC provides medical imaging software solutions for physicians and hospitals.

  • Bso Network Solutions Ltd acquired Apsara Networks, Inc.

    Apsara Networks, Inc. offers wireless connectivity to financial markets using microwave technology.

  • AgencyBloc, Inc. acquired GBS, Inc.

    GBS, Inc. develops software solutions for the insurance and investments industry.

  • Votacall, Inc. acquired Mobiso from Lyrx Inc.

    Mobiso Software Suite of Lyrix Inc. comprises cloud-based speech recognition software suite.

  • Branford Castle Partners, L.P. acquired Vitrek Corporation.

    Vitrek Corporation manufactures electrical safety test and quality measurement equipment.

  • Wicresoft Co., Ltd. acquired DeltaBahn LLC.

    DeltaBahn LLC provides custom integration and reporting, tool and process implementation, infrastructure design and architecture, customer relationship management, integrated project management, and field service automation.

  • KORE1, Inc. acquired Kranect, LLC.

    Kranect LLC provides information technology staffing and consultancy services.

  • Jonas Operating Group acquired Pike13 Inc.

    Pike13 Inc. develops and offers mobile client management software solutions that frees business owners from behind their desk, gives time, and empowers to grow their business.

  • Applied Industrial Technologies Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire FCX Performance Inc.

    FCX Performance, Inc. distributes process flow control solutions and products to various process industries in the United States.

  • Sangoma Technologies Corporation agreed to acquire all assets of Converged Communication Division from Dialogic, Inc.

    All assets of Converged Communication Division of Dialogic, Inc. comprises real-time multimedia processing solution.

  • SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC acquired Loggly, Inc.

    Loggly, Inc. develops a cloud based application intelligence solutions for app developers.

  • Endava Limited acquired Velocity Partners, LLC.

    Velocity Partners, LLC provides nearshore software development services in South America.

  • Quip, Inc. agreed to acquire Attic Labs, Inc.

    Attic Labs, Inc. develops database software called Noms.

  • The Childress Agency, Inc. acquired Cyberbility.

    Argent LLC, doing business as Cyberbility, a web development agency, provides website designing services.

  • LoyaltyExpress, Inc. acquired Lending Manager LLC.

    Lending Manager LLC develops websites and mobile applications for mortgage sector.

  • Colorado Buyer Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Immunity, Inc.

    Immunity, Inc. provides assessment and penetration testing products and services.

  • Eide Bailly LLP acquired Decipher Forensics.

    Decipher Forensics LLC provides digital forensic consulting services.

  • Zymergen, Inc. acquired Radiant Genomics, Inc.

    Radiant Genomics, Inc. develops a software for natural product and gene discovery that allows scientists to identify, produce, and test products encoded in the genomes of organisms not easily grown in the lab.

  • Professional DataSolutions, Inc. acquired TouchStar Solutions LLC.

    TouchStar Solutions LLC, a logistics and workforce automation company, provides mobility software and systems that transform business productivity in the oil and gas, field service, transportation and fleet management, and consumer goods industries in the United States and internationally.

  • iCIMS, Inc. acquired TextRecruit, LLC.

    TextRecruit, LLC builds text messaging and chat tools that help employers attract talent, recruit candidates, and engage employees worldwide.

  • Ring Inc. acquired Mr. Beams from Wireless Environment, LLC.

    Ring Beams manufactures smart security lights that seamlessly integrate with the Ring Alarm and Ring Cameras.

  • MarksNelson LLC acquired Blue Ocean Consulting, Inc.

    Blue Ocean Consulting, Inc. provides digital transformation consulting services and creates custom software and technology solutions for business.

  • Allscripts Healthcare, LLC entered into an agreement to acquire Practice Fusion, Inc.

    Practice Fusion, Inc. offers cloud-based electronic health records to doctors.

  • First Alert, Inc. acquired Luma Home Inc.

    Luma Home Inc. designs and manufactures Wi-Fi routers for household network.

  • Technology Management Concepts acquired Dynamic Methods.

    Dynamic Methods Inc. offers implementation, integration, and support services for Microsoft-based business solutions.

  • Verizon Communications Inc. acquired Niddel Corp.

    Niddel Corp. develops software for threat hunting.

  • Hilltop Consultants, Inc. acquired assets of Strategic Integration Partners, LLC.

    Assets of Strategic Integration Partners, LLC comprises managed IT consulting and support services operations.

  • One Rock Capital Partners, LLC signed a definitive agreement to acquire Robertshaw Controls Company.

    Robertshaw Controls Company designs and manufactures electronic and electromechanical controls for commercial and home appliances worldwide.

  • Brookfield Business Partners L.P. along with institutional partners entered into an agreement to acquire Westinghouse Electric Company LLC.

    Westinghouse Electric Company LLC provides nuclear power plant products and services to utilities worldwide.

  • Nordson Corporation acquired Sonoscan, Inc.

    Sonoscan Inc. develops and manufactures acoustic microscopes and acoustic micro imaging systems for nondestructive analysis of defects in industrial products and semiconductor devices.

  • Martello Technologies, Inc. acquired Elfiq, Inc.

    Elfiq, Inc. develops telecommunications and security solutions for business continuity, Internet, and WAN redundancy applications.

  • Allo Communications LLC agreed to acquire fiber network and customer contracts of Glenwood Telecommunications, Inc.

    Fiber Network and Customer Contracts of Glenwood Telecommunications comprises the business operations that operate the fiber network to serve the customers with Internet, telephone, and television services in Hastings, Nebraska.

  • Bell and Howell, LLC acquired assets of Gunther International Ltd.

    Assets of Gunther International Ltd. comprises mailing systems business.

  • InTouch Technologies, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire TruClinic LLC.

    TruClinic LLC develops a telemedicine solution that enables providers, patients, and health systems to connect face-to-face through a web-based video-conferencing port.

  • Mavenir Systems acquired Aquto Corp.

    Aquto Corp provides applications that give consumers more access to mobile Internet.

  • Polycom, Inc. entered into a merger agreement to acquire Obihai Technology, Inc.

    Obihai Technology, Inc. develops hardware and software products for voice over Internet protocol endpoints.

  • Priority Software Ltd. acquired Acclivity Group LLC.

    Acclivity Group LLC develops, sells, and supports small business accounting, management, and point of sale software for Macintosh and Windows platforms in the United States and internationally.

  • Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. and other unknown buyers acquired Isola Group Ltd.

    Isola Group Ltd., a material sciences company, engages in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs used to fabricate multilayer printed circuit boards.

  • KPMG LLP agreed to acquire Cyberinc.

    Cyberinc provides security products that protect organizations from cyber-attacks.

  • NIIT (USA), Inc. acquired Eagle International Institute, Inc.

    Eagle International Institute, Inc., doing business as Eagle Productivity Solutions, provides training solutions for companies adopting sophisticated cloud-based applications in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry.

  • Saksoft Inc. acquired Faichi Solutions LLC.

    Faichi Solutions LLC provides outsourced product engineering, open source development, and drupal development consulting services.

  • MRS Associates, Inc. acquired Vantage Sourcing, LLC.

    Vantage Sourcing, LLC provides business process outsourcing services.

  • Barracuda Networks, Inc. acquired PhishLine, LLC.

    PhishLine, LLC develops and distributes a social engineering management platform.

  • Microsoft Azure signed an agreement to acquire Avere Systems, Inc. from Menlo Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Alphabet Inc. (NasdaqGS:GOOGL), Lightspeed Venture Partners, Tenaya Capital Inc., Western Digital Capital and others on January 3, 2018. Post-acquisition Avere Systems will be a part of Microsoft Azure and Avere Systems team will join Microsoft Azure.

    Avere Systems, Inc. provides cloud file storage infrastructure. It offers Virtual FXT Edge filers that act as network-attached storage in the compute cloud; CloudFusion, a cloud-based file system that eliminates the unnecessary use of elastic compute cloud storage silos; FXT Edge Filers that optimize NAS and enable cloud storage; storage management software for NAS infrastructures; FlashMove software to manage data moves and migrations; FlashMirror software to mirror data for data protection and recovery; and FlashCloud that provides NAS integration for cloud-on-demand. The company also provides cloud enablement solutions, such as private object and active archive, as well as cloud bursting, NAS, and storage gateway solutions; and storage management solutions, including NAS optimization, performance, cost management, data management, and wide-area network solutions. It serves government, financial analysis, media and entertainment, life science, and software dev tool industries. Avere Systems, Inc. was formerly known as Arriad, Inc. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with data centers worldwide.

  • Atrio Systems, Inc. acquired Microsoft practice from RCM Technologies, Inc.

    NuSoft Solutions, Inc. operates as a Microsoft consultancy providing enterprise business and technology solutions.

  • Purio, Inc. acquired BitFrontier Capital Investments, Inc.

    BitFrontier Capital Investments, Inc. is a blockchain oriented company that focuses on the cryptocurrency markets.

  • Sonasoft Corp. signed a non-binding letter of intent to acquire Cornerstone Technologies, LLC.

    Cornerstone Technologies, LLC provides technology solutions in North America.

  • Terminus Software, LLC acquired BrightFunnel, Inc.

    BrightFunnel, Inc. provides a marketing attribution and data analytics platform for B2B marketers.

  • LMG Inc. acquired AV Integrators, Inc.

    AV-integrators, Inc. distributes, plans, and installs audiovisual and broadcast video solutions.

  • Anaren?s IoT Group management team led by Jeff Liebl acquired key assets and agreements of IoT Group of Anaren, Inc.

    Atmosphere IoT Corp. creates, deploys, and manages cloud platform to build and deploy wireless-enabled connected product solutions.

  • Quantitative Medical Systems, Inc. acquired Assets of Infian, LLC.

    Assets of Infian, LLC comprises electronic health record solutions business.

  • AdvisorEngine, Inc. acquired CRM Software, Inc.

    CRM Software, Inc. provides CRM solutions for financial advisors that integrate technology, consulting, and training.

  • General Informatics LLC acquired Assets of TC Telecom, LLC.

    Assets of TC Telecom, LLC offers telecommunication services.

  • Ust-Aldetec Holding Co Llc acquired assets of Pioneer Magnetics Inc.

    Assets of Pioneer Magnetics Inc. comprises switching power supply business.

  • West Corporation acquired all assets of Personal Communication Systems, Inc.

    All Assets of Personal Communication Systems, Inc. provides automated messaging solutions for businesses and organizations worldwide.

  • DAS Health acquired Integra IT Solutions.

    Integra IT Solutions, LLC provides IT services focusing on medical software, medical billing, and IT managed services.

  • Clearent, LLC acquired SPOT Business Systems, LLC.

    SPOT Business Systems, LLC. develops software and web-based business tools for dry-cleaning industry.

  • Menlo Technologies, Inc. acquired SSi Consulting, Inc.

    SSi Consulting, Inc. provides business management software and consulting services in the mid-atlantic region of the United States.

  • Celerian Group acquired Karna, LLC.

    Karna, LLC offers information technology consulting, support services to the public health sector, management consulting, communications, and laboratory support services to the government.

  • Visual Edge Technology, Inc. acquired Stockton Financial Services, Inc.

    Stockton Financial Services, Inc., doing business as Brady’s Business Systems, Inc., provides office equipment. It offers copiers, printers, computers, telephones, scanners, and fax machines.

  • Netrix LLC entered into definitive agreement to acquire Synergy CT, Inc.

    Synergy CT, Inc. manufactures audio visual communication systems.

  • Renodis Inc. acquired US ACOMM Inc.

    US ACOMM Inc. offers telephone service, converged IP services, and carrier grade high capacity broadband solutions.

  • Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC signed an agreement to acquire dark fibres in South Florida and Fibre Network assets on the East Coast of south Florida from FiberLight, LLC.

    Dark Fibres In South Florida & Fibre Network Assets On The East Coast Of South Florida of FiberLight comprises dark fibres and broadband fibre networks.

  • AVX Corporation entered into definitive agreement to acquire Ethertronics Inc.

    Ethertronics Inc. designs and manufactures antenna solutions for wireless devices OEMs.

  • Calero Software, LLC acquired Substantially all of the assets of Comview Corporation.

    Substantially all of the assets of Comview Corporation provides web-based telecom expense management solutions.

  • Summit Partners LLP acquired majority stake in Trintech, Inc.

    Trintech, Inc. provides record-to-report software solution for financial professionals in the United States.

  • Renren Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the remaining 71% stake in Trucker Path, Inc.

    Trucker Path, Inc. develops an application-based platform that provides navigational assistance and freight matching for the trucking industry.

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. acquired Phenom-World BV.

    Phenom-World BV provides personal electron microscopes in North America and Europe.

  • Prineta, LLC acquired portfolio of ATMs in Corpus Christi and Coastal South Texas.

    Portfolio of ATMs in Corpus Christi and Coastal South Texas comprises ATM installation, placement, and processing services.

  • Scepter Commodities, LLC entered into a non-binding letter of intent to acquire 80% stake in mPhase Technologies, Inc.

    mPhase Technologies, Inc. engages in the research, development, and fabrication of smart surfaces using materials science engineering, and enabled by breakthroughs in nanotechnology science and the principles of microfluidics and microelectromechanical systems.

  • Liberated Syndication Inc. acquired pair Networks, Inc.

    pair Networks, Inc. provides Web hosting services.

  • DataPerk Technology Solutions acquired IT Express.

    IT Express Inc. provides IT consulting services.

  • Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. entered into definitive agreement and plan of merger to acquire Meter Readings Holding, LLC.

    Meter Readings Holding, LLC, through its subsidiary, distributes smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) to water, gas, and electric utilities.

  • JLL Partners Fund VII, L.P., fund managed by JLL Partners acquired Xcellence, Inc.

    Xcellence, Inc., doing business as Xact Data Discovery, operates as a discovery and data management company in the United States and internationally.

  • NRT Technologies, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire eMarker, LLC.

    eMarker, LLC develops an application software that provides electronic solution for the issuance, processing, storage, redemption, and repayment of casino markers.

  • Amazon.com, Inc. acquired Immedia Semiconductor, Inc.

    Immedia Semiconductor, Inc. provides video and image processing chips for connected consumer camera applications.

  • Jurisdiction Online, LLC acquired Jurisdiction Online Division from Praeses, LLC.

    Jurisdiction Online Division of Praeses, LLC comprises business operation that develops cloud-based suite of software products supporting regulatory and risk management workflows for many major insurance carriers and government entities.

  • Mercury Systems, Inc. entered into an agreement and a plan of merger to acquire Themis Computer, Inc.

    Themis Computer, Inc. manufactures computing products for mission critical applications in commercial aerospace, telecommunications, military, and industrial control markets.

  • StenTech, Inc. entered into Asset Purchase Agreement to acquire substantially all assets of Photo Stencil, LLC.

    All Assets of Photo Stencil, LLC comprises the business operations that manufacture and supply stencils and printing solutions to surface mount electronics assembly, solar, semiconductor, electronics manufacturing services, cellular communications, medical, industrial/commercial, and defense/security/aerospace industries.

  • ProBility Media Corporation entered a binding letter of intent to acquire Disco Leaning Media Inc.

    Disco Leaning Media Inc. provides systems integration, technology consulting, and development services for educational content.

  • Abacus Data Systems, Inc. acquired Commercial Logic, Inc.

    Commercial Logic, Inc. develops practice management software and workflow tools for accounting firms.

  • Mentice AB entered into an agreement to acquire the Medical Products Division from Medical Simulation Corporation.

    Medical Products Division Of Medical Simulation Corporation comprises the business of development of medical simulation and clinical training software.

  • Winchester Electronics Corporation acquired C&M Corporation.

    C&M Corporation manufactures standard and custom cable products.

  • Emerson Electric Co. agreed to acquire Cooper-Atkins Corporation.

    Cooper-Atkins Corporation manufactures and supplies temperature, time, and humidity instruments for HVAC/R, OEM, foodservice, industrial, and healthcare markets worldwide.

  • Ooma, Inc. acquired Butterfleye, Inc.

    Butterfleye, Inc. designs and develops cameras and monitoring systems used for home and office security.

  • Molex, LLC acquired all assets from Triton Manufacturing Co. Inc.

    All Assets of Triton Manufacturing Co. Inc. comprises flexible power cable assemblies and custom bus bars fabrication business for current and heat transfer applications.

  • GP Strategies Corporation signed a definitive agreement to acquire Hula Partners.

    Hula Partners, LLC develops human resource software.

  • Magnitude Software, Inc. acquired Innowera LLC.

    Innowera LLC offers SAP data management solutions.

  • Gryphon Investors Inc. acquired majority stake in Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC.

    Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC develops, manufactures, and installs sprinkler monitoring, security, fire, and industrial control products for sprinkler, fire alarm, and security industries worldwide.

  • WP Site Care acquired WP Radius.

    WP Radius provides WordPress support and maintenance service.

  • Verint Systems Inc. acquired Next IT Corporation and Next IT Innovation Labs, LLC.

    Next IT Corp. and Next IT Innovation Labs, LLC develops conversational artificial intelligence powered intelligent virtual assistants.

  • Teleco Inc. acquired Tech Works US LLC.

    Tech Works US LLC IT provides computer support services.

  • Williams Sound, LLC acquired Pointmaker LLC.

    Pointmaker LLC manufactures video annotation systems for pro audio-visual presentation and collaboration markets.

  • Network Security Group, Inc. acquired Waytek Software from Waytek.

    Waytek Software includes software distribution and value-added resale business.

  • Ingram Micro Inc. acquired Cloud Harmonics Inc.

    Cloud Harmonics Inc. offers cloud-based security solutions.

  • DocuSign Inc. acquired the assets of Appuri Inc.

    All Assets of Appuri Inc. provides proactive retention management and churn prediction solutions to online businesses.

  • The Carlyle Group L.P., management and Level Equity Management, LLC entered into an agreement to acquire Net Health Systems, Inc.

    Net Health Systems, Inc. offers software solutions for healthcare professionals.

  • Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions LLC acquired EVetPractice.

    SERG Solutions, LLC develops EVetPractice, a cloud-based practice management solutions for veterinary clinics.

  • Scantron Corporation acquired WRK Systems, Inc.

    Wrk Systems, Inc. designs, manages and supports IT networks for both the commercial and financial industries.

  • ConvergeOne, Inc. acquired Alexander Open Systems, Inc.e.

    AOS, a ConvergeOne Company provides information technology consulting solutions.

  • Patriot Capital, L.P. and Maysteel Industries, LLC acquired DAMAC Products, LLC.

    DAMAC Products, Inc. manufactures networking infrastructure products for the telecom and datacom markets.

  • PI Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin AG agreed to acquire SolarBuyer, LLC.

    SolarBuyer, LLC provides technical diligence, procurement assistance, and quality assurance services for solar products and equipment.

  • Convergint Technologies LLC acquired Genesis Security Systems, LLC.

    Genesis Security Systems, LLC, a security/life safety systems integrator, engages in the design, installation, servicing, and remote monitoring of integrated security systems in the United States.

  • Evolphin Software Inc. acquired WavePost, Inc.

    WavePost, Inc. operates a SaaS based file sharing platform for video producers that allows filmmakers to specify client viewing.

  • Salo Solutions, Inc. acquired Delta Health Technologies, LLC.

    Delta Health Technologies, LLC develops and delivers integrated software solutions for home health, hospice, and private duty agencies in the United States.

  • Total System Services, Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire Cayan LLC.

    Cayan LLC designs and develops payment technologies and processing solutions.

  • vThreat, Inc. acquired Savage Security, LLC.

    Savage Security LLC offers subscription based cyber security services and applied research, including security advisory alerts and strategic guidance.

  • Candor Insurance acquired Tenex Developers.

    Tenex Developers focuses on building software solutions.

  • Great Belief International Limited acquired SurgiBot System related assets from TransEnterix, Inc.

    SurgiBot System related assets of TransEnterix, Inc. comprises surgical platform that allows multiple instruments to be introduced and deployed through a single incision.

  • PHI Group Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire Gridline Communications, Inc. and GridlineX.

    ridline Communications Holdings, Inc. and GridlineX provides IT and communications services, such as broadband services.

  • Scaleworks Associates acquired Earth Class Mail, Inc.

    Earth Class Mail, Inc. provides digitalization of postal mail for companies.

  • Socius1, LLC agreed to acquire Signature Business Systems, Inc.

    Signature Business Systems, Inc. provides business management systems to companies in the United States.

  • Cigna Corporation acquired Brighter, Inc.

    Brighter, Inc. provides a platform that connects patients, providers, and payers.

  • Financeit Canada Inc. acquired Centah Inc.

    Centah Inc. provides workflow, lead management, and call center solutions servicing the home improvement industry.

  • American Family Mutual Insurance Company, S.I. acquired majority stake in Networked Insights, Inc.

    Networked Insights, Inc. develops analytics and audience targeting tools for marketers and agencies.

  • American Family Insurance Mutual Holding Company acquired HomeGauge.

    SHGI Corp. develops home inspection software solutions for real estate professionals.

  • EDGE Mobile Payments, LLC acquired all the assets of Plastc Inc.

    All assets of Plastc Inc. designs and develops a digital wallet and mobile payment device.

  • Illuminate Education, Inc. acquired Maryn Solutions LLC.

    Maryn Solutions LLC, doing business as eduCLIMBER.com, provides a cloud based data platform that allows schools to make data based decisions.

  • Keywords Studios plc acquired Sperasoft, Inc.

    Sperasoft, Inc. offers game development, art studio, and online services.

  • Inside Real Estate acquired Broker Sumo, Inc.

    Broker Sumo, Inc. provides cloud based solutions for real estate brokers.

  • Voi acquired Incente, LLC.

    Incente, LLC develops Proxi, a software platform that enables online collaboration and connection between someone suffering with a behavioral health disorder and his/her family, friends, behavioral health coaches, and clinicians.

  • HelpSystems, LLC acquired Fox Technologies, Inc.

    Fox Technologies, Inc. provides network security and access management software solutions for organizations to centralize Linux and Unix access management in hybrid information technology environments.

  • Health Platforms, Inc. acquired Connect Healthcare.

    Connect Healthcare provides data management, provider search, reputation and performance improvement solutions for hospitals and large health systems.

  • Ecommerge Inc. entered into a binding agreement to acquire Slingshot SEO, Inc.

    Slingshot SEO, Inc. offers search engine optimization (SEO) services.

  • QGenda Inc. acquired Peake Software Labs, Inc.

    Peake Software Labs Inc., also known as Tangier, develops emergency medicine, hospital medicine, and urgent care scheduling software.

  • C3 / Cloud Computing Concepts, LLC reached an agreement to acquire the service provider division from The South Florida Digital Alliance Inc.

    Service Provider Division of The South Florida Digital Alliance Inc. comprises the business of providing connectivity, co-location, and Internet access.

  • Clinicient Inc. acquired Keet Inc.

    Keet Inc. develops Keet Health, the software connects patients and providers with automated workflows and secure messaging.

  • Riedon, Inc. signed an agreement to acquire all the assets and product lines of Deltec Shunts, LLC.

    All The Assets And Product Lines of Of Deltec Shunts, LLC comprises manufacturing rights for current shunts and fuse-block holders.

  • Onica Inc. acquired NetBrains, Inc. and Sturdy Networks, LLC .

    NetBrains, Inc. and Sturdy Networks, LLC engages in software and application development.

  • HighGround, Inc. acquired Yoi Corporation.

    Yoi Corp. provides SaaS based mobile digital tools for line managers.

  • Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. acquired eDiscovery and Computer Forensics Division from U.S. Legal Support, Inc.

    eDiscovery and Computer Forensics Division of U.S. Legal Support, Inc. comprises eDiscovery and computer forensics business.

  • Corel Corporation acquired ClearSlide, Inc.

    ClearSlide, Inc. provides Web-based and mobile sales management and online presentation tools.

  • Iron Mountain Incorporated entered into a definitive agreement to acquire equity interests of IO Data Centers LLC.

    IO Data Centers, LLC, a data center services company, provides colocation and cloud services to businesses and governments worldwide.

  • Corning Optical Communications LLC entered into an agreement to acquire communication markets division from 3M Company.

    3M Company, Communication Markets Division includes the business operations of optical fiber and copper passive connectivity solutions for the telecommunications industry.

  • Curb Technologies, LLC entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire certain assets and liabilities of Verifone Taxi Solutions business from VeriFone, Inc.

    Certain Assets & Liabilities of Taxi Solutions Business of VeriFone Inc. comprises payment solutions and hardware products for taxi services.

  • Windstream Services, LLC agreed to acquire MassComm, Inc.

    MASS Communications provides voice, data, risk management, and networking solutions.

  • Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure, Inc. acquired the assets of Railtronix, LLC.

    Assets Of Railtronix, LLC comprises inventory management solutions.

  • esVolta acquired a stake in 110MWh of select project assets and contracted pipeline from Powin Energy Corporation.

    110MWh of Select Project Assets and Contracted Pipeline comprises battery storage assets and facility.

  • WESROC entered into a definitive agreement to acquire EnerTrac.

    EnerTrac, Inc. develops fuel delivery and monitoring solutions for fuel dealers.

  • Planview, Inc. acquired LeanKit Inc.

    LeanKit Inc. provides a cloud-based visual project delivery platform that enables users to apply lean management principles to their work in organizations.

  • Community Brands signed an agreement in principle to acquire GiveSmart US, Inc.

    GiveSmart US, Inc. offers an auction software.

  • Cypress Holdings, Inc. acquired Concurrent Manufacturing Solutions, LLC.

    Concurrent Manufacturing Solutions, LLC offers manufacturing solutions to original equipment manufacturers of electronics assemblies.

  • SymphonyCare and SymphonyAlpha Ventures, LLC acquired Empower patient portal business from Influence Health, Inc.

    Empower Patient Portal Business of Influence Health, Inc. comprises portal business and is located in the United States.

  • Vedicsoft Solutions Inc. acquired Savantis Group, Inc.

    Savantis Group, Inc. provides SAP staffing and consulting services. It offers SAP retail implementation and consulting and project management services.

  • Baldwin Technology Company, Inc. acquired QuadTech, Inc. from Quad/Graphics, Inc.

    QuadTech, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells automated auxiliary control systems for commercial, newspaper, packaging and converting, and publication gravure printers.

  • ITG Software Inc. acquired Cenersys.

    Cenersys, LLC, a cloud based company, provides appliance based network monitoring solution.

  • ALKU, LLC acquired Holland Square Group, LLC.

    Holland Square Group, LLC offers IT consulting and technical staffing services.

  • Auctions Online Scandinavia AB acquired Simple Auction Site.

    Simple Auction Site develops online auction software.

  • Silicon Laboratories Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Sigma Designs, Inc.

    Sigma Designs, Inc. provides integrated system-on-chip (SoC) solutions and intelligent platforms for use in various home entertainment and home control appliances.

  • Nexstar Digital LLC entered into a definitive agreement to acquire LKQD Technologies, Inc.

    LKQD Technologies, Inc. provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technology to end-to-end systems for ad serving, mediation, programmatic auctions, and advanced reporting.

  • NovaCopy, Inc. acquired the copier/ printer division of Service Technologies, Inc.

    The Copier/ Printer Division of Service Technologies, Inc. comprises the business of distributing printers and copiers.

  • CGI Group Inc. acquired Paragon Solutions, Inc.

    Paragon Solutions, Inc. provides business and technology consulting services for communications, financial services, healthcare, insurance, and life sciences companies.

  • Riskonnect, Inc. acquired Aruvio, Inc.

    Aruvio, Inc. provides cloud based governance, risk, and compliance software solutions for organizations.

  • Biotage AB entered into an agreement to acquire all outstanding shares of Horizon Technology, Inc.

    Horizon Technology, Inc. manufactures automated sample preparation systems and testing equipment for the analysis of organic compounds in aqueous samples and oil and grease testing.

  • System One acquired GAP Solutions Inc.

    GAP Solutions Inc. develops and manages operations enhancing programs, and consulting services to defense, homeland security, and civilian government agencies in the United States.

  • RKL eSolutions, LLC acquired Arxis Technology, Inc.

    Arxis Technology, Inc. operates as an information technology consulting company.

  • Intuit Inc. signed an agreement to acquire Tsheets.

    TSheets.com, LLC develops cloud-based time tracking technology for organizations in the United States and internationally.

  • VistaVu Solutions Inc. acquired BPBD, LLC.

    BPBD, LLC offers IT consulting services.

  • Procare Software, LLC acquired KidReports.

    KidReports LLC provides an engagement tool for children including digital classroom management and parent communication.

  • Zeta Interactive Corp. acquired Disqus, Inc.

    Disqus, Inc. operates a comments and audience development platform that helps users to build a community from their website’s audience.

  • Aptean, Inc. acquired Connect business division of Influence Health, Inc.

    Connect of Influence Health, Inc. includes a web-based solution for healthcare sector and is located the United States.

  • The Access Group acquired Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group, Inc.

    Alliance Life Sciences Consulting Group, Inc. provides management and technology consulting services.

  • Thinkful, Inc. acquired The Odin Project and Viking Education Inc.

    The Odin Project develops an open source platform, which provides coding curriculum for web developers. Viking Education Inc. provides online software engineering programs.

  • rfXcel Corporation acquired the assets of Frequentz, LLC.

    Assets Of Frequentz, Inc. comprises life science and food traceability technology, patents, contracts, and personnel.

  • Solovis, LLC acquired Madrone Inc.

    Madrone Inc. provides Web based tools that provide data and predictive analytics for individual and institutional investors.

  • Sprout Social, Inc. acquired Simply Measured, Inc.

    Simply Measured, Inc. develops social analytics solutions for brand marketers and social teams.

  • Quark Software acquired Docurated.

    Docurated Inc. develops a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based sales enablement, collaboration, and knowledge management solution.

  • Caterpillar Inc. acquired remaining 51% stake in Intelligent Switchgear Organization LLC.

    Intelligent Switchgear Organization LLC manufactures complex electrical interfaces and controls associated with integrated power solutions.

  • Renovus Capital Partners acquired unknown stake in Wescott Technologies Corporation.

    Wescott Technologies Corporation, doing business as Lockstep Technology Group, offers information technology (IT) consulting services and solutions.

  • GameMine Inc. agreed to acquire BlockFraud Inc.

    BlockFraud Inc. develops machine learning and artificial intelligence software for detecting mobile fraud.

  • Liaison International, Inc. acquired Time2Track, LLC.

    Time2Track, LLC operates a platform to track clinical training hours for students, professionals, schools, and training sites.

  • Gordian acquired 4Clicks Solutions, LLC.

    4Clicks Solutions, LLC develops a suite of estimating and project management software for the construction industry.

  • Prysmian S.p.A. entered into a definitive merger agreement to acquire General Cable Corporation.

    General Cable Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, develops, designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes copper, aluminum, and fiber optic wire and cable products for the energy, industrial, construction, specialty, and communications markets in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Africa/the Asia Pacific.

  • TTM Technologies, Inc. agreed to acquire Anaren, Inc.

    Anaren, Inc. and its subsidiaries engage in the design, development, and manufacture of components, assemblies, and subsystems primarily for the wireless communications, satellite communications, and space and defense electronics markets worldwide.

  • Mapbox Inc. acquired Fitness AR.

    BuiltOnAR LLC, designs and develops a mobile application which allows users to view runs, hikes or cycling routes in artificial reality.

  • Entoro Group acquired Cypheriant, LLC .

    Cypheriant, LLC provides blockchain-based financial trading and risk management services.

  • Simplus acquired CRM manager, LLC..

    CRM manager, LLC provides salesforce.com cloud application implementation, integration, and customization services in the United States.

  • Movilitas Consulting AG acquired SeeIT Solutions LLC.

    SeeIT Solutions LLC provides information technology consulting services focusing on manufacturing intelligence software.

  • Securus Technologies, Inc. acquired Jobview.

    JOBview LLC designs and manufactures interactive touch screen employment kiosks that allows users to view, print, email, text, and apply to jobs.

  • InterVision Systems, LLC acquired Independent Technology Group .

    Independent Technology Group LLC provides IT solutions and services.

  • Thin-nology LLC acquired an unknown majority stake in Data Management Assistance Corporation.

    Data Management Assistance Corporation develops software solutions for data capture industry.

  • Xator Corporation acquired Professional Services Group of Merlin International, Inc.

    Professional Services Group of Merlin International, Inc. comprises cyber security, infrastructure and network operations, and enterprise applications business.

  • Altran US entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Aricent Inc.

    Aricent Inc. provides software development, engineering, and product design services.

  • Verisk Analytics, Inc. signed a definitive agreement to acquire Power Advocate, Inc.

    Power Advocate, Inc. provides market and cost intelligence solutions to energy companies.

  • iCoreConnect Inc. signed an asset purchase agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets and business of ICDLogic LLC.

    All Assets and Business of ICDLogic LLC provides digital health information tools to clinicians and healthcare administrators.

  • Highlander Partners, L.P. acquired majority stake in Biamp Systems Corporation.

    Biamp Systems Corporation designs and manufactures audio systems.

  • RMM Solutions Inc. acquired Regional Enterprise Division of Dedicated Computing LLC.

    Dedicated Computing LLC, Regional Enterprise Division comprises single-purpose computers and control processing systems.

  • Dropbox Inc. acquired DWNLD, Inc.

    DWNLD, Inc. offers a service that will take an ordinary blog or another website and convert it into an application for iOS devices.

  • Ernst & Young LLP acquired E-STET LLC.

    E-STET LLC provides litigation streamlining solutions and services.

  • Togetherwork Holdings, LLC acquired E-Websity Inc.

    E-Websity, Inc., doing business as Capturepoint, designs and develops cloud-based registration management and online payment solution for recreation and schools.

  • Safe Fleet Acquisition Corporation acquired MobileView.

    MobileView provides mobile surveillance and video management solutions.

  • Cincinnati Incorporated acquired New Valence Robotics Corporation.

    New Valence Robotics Corporation designs and leases software managed 3D printers that allow students to create 3D models of objects.

  • Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. entered into a binding agreement to acquire Big Fish Games, Inc.

    Big Fish Games, Inc. develops and distributes casual games for customers worldwide.

  • Proofpoint, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Weblife Balance, Inc.

    Weblife Balance Inc. offers browser isolation solutions and services which provides anonymous and protected web browsing by proxying user?s activity through a secure and isolated container in Weblife?s off premise network.

  • NetVoyage Corporation acquired ThreadKM.

    BleuAcre Consulting, LLC designs and develops knowledge management platform for law firms and corporate legal department.

  • Qualys, Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire assets of Defensative LLC.

    Defensative LLC, doing business as NetWatcher, develops and operates security-as-a-service platform that enables customers to have security service monitoring networks for vulnerabilities and exploits.

  • Trinisys, LLC acquired MICA Health.

    Mica Health, Inc. provides data archiving and migration of ambulatory clinical data services.

  • Bullhorn, Inc. acquired PeopleNet Corporation.

    PeopleNet Corporation provides time and workforce management solutions.

  • Topspin Partners LP and Praesidian Capital acquired Remedy Health Media, LLC.

    Remedy Health Media, LLC is a health information and technology company that provides clinical resources and wellness tools that help patients and caregivers live healthier.

  • CapitalWorks, LLC acquired The GEMCITY Engineering and Manufacturing Co.

    The GEMCITY Engineering and Manufacturing Co. engages in specialized equipment, contract manufacturing, and CNC machining businesses.

  • H.I.G. Capital, LLC along with the management of Velocity Solutions, Inc.

    Velocity Solutions, Inc. provides revenue enhancement solutions to regional and community banks, and credit unions.

  • Appen Limited signed a definitive agreement to acquire Leapforce Inc.

    Leapforce, Inc. develops a search relevance platform.

  • Kazzit Inc. acquired?Syndical?Inc.

    NeutralSpace, Inc., doing business as Syndical Inc., develops software that allows users to find and schedule events through social networking.

  • Integreon, Inc. acquired Allegory Law, Inc.

    Allegory Law, Inc., doing business as Allegory Solutions, provides software solutions for litigation markets.

  • Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Ensenta Corporation.

    Ensenta Corporation provides a range of financial self service solutions to banks and credit unions.

  • Aquila Software acquired Financial Aid Management For Education, Inc.

    Financial Aid Management For Education, Inc. develops windows and Web based student information systems for postsecondary educational institutions.

  • CloudScale365, Inc. acquired FuturTech Consulting, LLC.

    As FuturTech Consulting, LLC provides information technology (IT) consulting services, such as managed services, network services, computer sales and services, phone services, cabling solutions, application development, project management, and cloud services.

  • JMR Electronics Inc. acquired Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc.

    Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) manufactures and markets hard drive formatting and software pre-loading systems.

  • Accruit, LLC acquired the assets of PaySAFE Escrow, Inc.

    PaySAFE Escrow, Inc. designs and develops a web-based escrow technology that allows buyers and sellers the ability to complete online purchases with financial protection and proper documentation.

  • Phage Diagnostics acquired all the assets related to Pathogen DETECT platform from Sample6, Inc.

    Pathogen DETECT platform of Sample6, Inc. comprises business operation that develops software for food safety.

  • TechCanary Corporation acquired Terminus Consulting Corp.

    Terminus Consulting Corp. offers software development services.

  • Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Spread Networks, LLC.

    Spread Networks, LLC, a telecommunications provider, offers a range of low-latency networks solutions.

  • Altus Capital Partners agreed to acquire MGC Diagnostics Corporation.

    MGC Diagnostics Corporation, a medical technology company, designs, markets, and sells non-invasive cardiorespiratory diagnostic products in the United States, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

  • RiverStreet Management Services, LLC entered into an agreement to acquire Peoples Mutual Telephone Company and Peoples Mutual Long Distance Company.

    Peoples Mutual Long Distance Company provides long distance telecom services.

  • Donggao International Group Shares Limited entered into an agreement to acquire Traqer Corp.

    Traqer Corp. focuses on the provision of cloud-based volunteer tracking software solutions for organizations, non-profits, and corporations in the United States.

  • Tinicum L.P., along with other funds managed by Tinicum Incorporated acquired Astrodyne TDI Corporation.

    Astrodyne TDI Corporation develops and manufactures power solutions.

  • Logility, Inc. acquired Halo Business Intelligence, Inc.

    Halo Business Intelligence, Inc. provides information discovery and business intelligence solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises.

  • McAfee LLC signed a definitive agreement to acquire Skyhigh Networks, Inc.

    Skyhigh Networks, Inc., a cloud access security company, enables companies to embrace cloud services with appropriate levels of security, compliance, and governance for financial services, professional services, healthcare, high technology, media and entertainment, manufacturing, and legal customers.

  • Optel Group acquired Verify Brand, LLC and GeoTraceability Ltd.

    GeoTraceability Ltd. provides data collection and traceability solutions and Verify Brand, LLC develops and markets cloud-based supply chain security and brand protection solutions by focusing on product’s manufacturing, distribution, and authenticity.

  • Thoma Bravo, LLC entered into an agreement to acquire Barracuda Networks, Inc.

    Barracuda Networks, Inc. designs and delivers security and data protection solutions.

  • Bazaarvoice, Inc. was acquired by Marlin Equity Partners.

    Bazaarvoice, Inc. provides marketing tools to retailer and brand clients for understanding consumer voice.

  • Koninklijke Philips N.V. acquired Analytical Informatics, Inc.

    Analytical Informatics, Inc develops and operates workflow tools and applications for imaging department.

  • Adacus, LLC entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the assets of Canned Banners.

    Canned Banners, LLC owns and operates API platform which offers advertisement development tools to corporate advertisers and agencies.

  • Instructure, Inc. acquired Practice XYZ, Inc.

    Practice XYZ, Inc. provides an interactive video learning platform for training learners at various companies, institutions, and healthcare providers across the Web and mobile.

  • ION Trading Ireland Limited agreed to acquire a controlling stake in Dealogic Limited.

    Dealogic (Holdings) Limited develops technology, content, and support used by investment banks to manage and align core operating units worldwide.

  • Breaking Media, Inc. agreed to acquire Evolve Law LLC.

    Evolve Law LLC owns and operates an online platform which offers the technologies developed by legal tech companies to law firms, law students, and in-house counsel.

  • 360 Blockchain Inc. entered into a letter of intent to acquire 70% stake in Pressland.

    Pressland offers crowd-sourced directory of media outlets and professionals.

  • SVA Consulting LLC acquired Bio-Ops, Inc.

    SVA Bio-Ops provides engages in designing and building of business operations and technology infrastructure.

  • Sandhills Publishing Company acquired business assets of The Gage Team.

    The Gage Team is a Web design, Web hosting, and server management company.

  • iPayment Inc. acquired Leaders Merchant Services, LLC.

    Leaders Merchant Services, LLC offers credit and debit card processing services for businesses.

  • OmniComm Systems, Inc. signed a letter of intent to acquire certain assets and assume certain liabilities of Algorics Inc.

    Algorics Inc. provides clinical analytics solutions and software to the global life sciences industry.

  • Special Investigations Limited acquired Enterprise Applications, Inc.

    Enterprise Applications, Inc. provides IT engineering, cloud services, applications, Internet services, telecommunications, and deep systems security for businesses and government agencies.

  • Zucchetti Group SPA acquired Vertical Booking recently.

    VERTICAL BOOKING USA Corporation develops and distributes reservation software tools including central reservation system solutions for hotels.