2018 US Tech M&A Deals

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  • FogChain Corp. acquired Quilmont Solutions, Inc.

    Quilmont Solutions, Inc. provides IT consultancy services.

  • Tailwind Capital Group, LLC acquired Core BTS, Inc.

    Core BTS, Inc. provides business information technology consulting services.

  • Simplicity Financial Marketing Inc. acquired AssetLock?.

    AssetLock, LLC develops an investment and retirement account monitoring software that streamlines communication between the account holder and financial advisor.

  • AppFolio Utility Management, Inc. entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire substantially all of the assets of WegoWise, Inc.

    Substantially All of the Assets of WegoWise, Inc. comprises solutions for monitoring and benchmarking water and energy usage.

  • WDB Medical Data, Inc signed a share purchase agreement to acquire DZS Software Solutions, Inc.

    DZS Software Solutions, Inc., doing business as DZS Clinical Services, develops clinical data and trial management solutions for life sciences companies.

  • Combilent A/S signed an agreement to acquire all assets of TX RX Systems, Inc.

    All Assets of TX RX Systems, Inc. comprises the business of manufacturing professional mobile radio systems, including transmitter combiners, receive multicouplers, filters, duplexers, and tower top amplifiers.

  • Adroit Infotech Limited entered into a definitive share purchase agreement to acquire Seltis Technologies LLC and 66.67% stake in Infodat International Inc.

    Seltis Technologies LLC develops and provides on-demand customer relationship management software. Infodat International, Inc. provides information technology solutions.

  • JDM Technology Group Inc. acquired MicroMain Corporation.

    MicroMain Corporation provides asset maintenance and facility management software and services.

  • Assembla, LLC acquired MyGet.

    MyGet operates as a software-as-a-service company, which offers package management solution.

  • An unknown buyer acquired majority stake in TenantCloud LLC.

    TenantCloud LLC provides TenantCloud, a cloud-based rental accounting and management system for tenants, landlords, and service professionals.

  • Dairy, LLC acquired Data Specialists Inc.

    Data Specialists, Inc. designs and develops enterprise resource planning software for the dairy and food processing industries.

  • Southwire Company, LLC agreed to acquire Assets of ProBuilt Professional Lighting, LLC.

    Assets of ProBuilt Professional Lighting, LLC manufactures and sells lighting products for industrial and commercial applications.

  • Moody’s Corporation entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Reis, Inc.

    Reis, Inc., through its subsidiary, Reis Services, provides commercial real estate market information and analytical tools to real estate professionals in the United States.

  • Where Food Comes From, Inc. acquired business assets of JVF Consulting, LLC.

    Business Assets of JVF Consulting, LLC comprises business operation that offers web design services focused on creating e-commerce websites and mobile applications, digital marketing, and search engine optimization for brands online.

  • Driven Deliveries, Inc. acquired Results Based Outsourcing Inc. in a reverse merger transaction.

    Results Based Outsourcing Inc. operates as a consulting company for the small business enterprise market.

  • Mega Broadband Investments LLC signed a definitive agreement to acquire Northland Communications Corporation.

    Northland Communications Corporation, doing business as Northland Communications, provides communications services to residential and business customers in Alabama, California, Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington.

  • PNG Telecommunications, Inc. acquired Max-IS, Inc.

    Max-IS, Inc., doing business as Maxis360, helps businesses and other enterprises to organize and secure their technological requirements by designing, installing, managing, and maintaining their technology infrastructure throughout the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean.

  • Rahi Systems Inc. acquired Thresher Communication & Productivity, Inc.

    Thresher Communication & Productivity, Inc. provides engineering, designing, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and service to clients in the United States and internationally.

  • Rogers Corporation acquired Dielectric and Lamination Manufacturing Assets of ISOLA USA Corp.

    Dielectric and Lamination Manufacturing Assets of ISOLA USA Corp manufactures dielectric and lamination products.

  • Harris Healthcare Group acquired Iatric Systems, Inc.

    Iatric Systems, Inc. provides software applications, interfaces, and reporting solutions for healthcare information systems.

  • MacStadium, Inc. acquired specific assets of Virtual Command, LLC.

    Specific assets of Virtual Command, LLC comprises virtualization and cloud orchestration software solutions.

  • RoadSafe Traffic Systems, Inc. acquired Optim Earth, Inc.

    Optim Earth, Inc. provides locating services by deploying GroundSCOPE, a cloud-based enterprise solution that provides customers on-demand access to 3D subsurface information required to plan and build structures, roads, bridges, tunnels, and pipelines.

  • SmartBear Software Inc. agreed to acquire D Software Inc.

    D Software Inc. develops test management technologies to make access and view the data to make decisions based on informed quality intelligence.

  • Edwards Vacuum LLC entered into definitive agreement to acquire semiconductor Cryogenics business of Brooks Automation, Inc.

    Semiconductor Cryogenics Business of Brooks Automation, Inc. comprises a business division that manufactures, markets, sells, distributes, services, and refurbishes semiconductor cryogenic vacuum pumps, chillers, coolers, compressors, refrigeration systems, and spare parts.

  • VMware, Inc. signed a definitive agreement to acquire CloudHealth Technologies, Inc.

    CloudHealth Technologies, Inc. develops IT service management solutions for the cloud.

  • Animoca Brands Corporation Limited entered into a share sale and purchase agreement to acquire Pixowl Inc.

    Pixowl Inc. develops mobile games for casual gamers, kids, and parents.

  • Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Monzite Corporation.

    Monzite Corporation manufactures multi-chip microHardware & Systems for aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical applications.

  • NuMSP LLC acquired Info-Link Technologies, Inc. on August 27, 2018.

    Info-Link Technologies, Inc. provides information technology consulting services.

  • True Nature Holding, Inc. entered into a letter of intent to acquire ClariCare Inc.

    ClariCare Inc. develops and delivers a suit of dental analytics and practice management software solutions.

  • erwin, Inc. acquired AnalytiX DS.

    AnalytiX DS owns and operates a platform known as EPICENTER which provides sustainable data governance, automated data mapping, universal code generation, and automated testing.

  • SpeedCast International Limited signed a definitive agreement to acquire Globecomm Systems Inc.

    Globecomm Systems Inc. provides satellite-based managed network solutions to government, communications service providers, commercial enterprises, and media and content broadcasters in the United States, Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

  • System One Holdings, LLC acquired JAK & Associates, LLC.

    JAK & Associates, LLC provides wireless network infrastructure services.

  • Oxide Corporation acquired the vacuum ultraviolet laser business of Lumeras LLC.

    Vacuum Ultraviolet Laser Business of Lumeras LLC comprises manufactures and markets high-photon-energy laser sources.

  • Persistent Systems, Inc. entered in to an agreement to acquire Herald Technologies Inc.

    Herald Technologies Inc. provides IT consulting services to healthcare industry.

  • AirportParkingReservations.com, Inc. acquired Airport Parking-Related Business of Oversee.net, Inc.

    Airport Parking-Related Business of Oversee.net comprises airport parking portal.

  • Zscaler, Inc. acquired TrustPath.

    TrustPath develops artificial intelligence based algorithms to identify cyber threats.

  • TCS Capital Management, LLC made a proposal to acquire remaining 90.69% stake in DHI Group, Inc.

    DHI Group, Inc. provides data, insights, and connections services to professional communities in the United States and internationally.

  • Sangoma Technologies US Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Digium, Inc.

    Digium, Inc. develops Asterisk software, telephony hardware, and on-premises and hosted Switchvox business phone systems that deliver enterprise-class unified communications and UC-as-a-Service solutions.

  • Southeastern Holdings, Inc. entered into a Bill of Sale and Assignment and Assumption with?Blockchain?Holdings, LLC.

    All assets of Blockchain Holdings, LLC. operates in the business for the sourcing of blockchain mining equipment from various suppliers for their customers.

  • Gibraltar Industries, Inc. acquired SolarBOS, Inc.

    SolarBOS, Inc. manufactures and markets electrical equipment focusing on photovoltaic systems.

  • Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company acquired Yarbrough Solutions Worldwide.

    Yarbrough Solutions Worldwide develops, installs, and offers services to semiconductor fabrication companies.

  • Priority Technology Holdings, Inc. acquired Priority Payment Systems Northeast, Inc.

    Priority Payment Systems Northeast, Inc. provides IT consultancy services.

  • 3SG Plus acquired OnGuard Systems LLC.

    Assets of OnGuard Systems LLC comprises cyber security software.

  • Acumium, LLC acquired Lackner Buckingham.

    Lackner/Buckingham, LLC designs and develops custom web and mobile applications solution.

  • Mediware Information Systems, Inc. acquired Rock Pond Solutions Inc.

    Rock-Pond Solutions Inc develops business intelligence software to the home infusion, HME and specialty pharmacy industries.

  • DevFactory FZ-LLC acquired Manuscript project management solution from Fog Creek Software.

    Manuscript Project Management Solution of Fog Creek Software comprises software.

  • Earth Class Mail, Inc. acquired Shoeboxed Inc.

    Shoeboxed Inc. specializes in the digitization and online management of receipts, business cards, and bills and other documents for users worldwide.

  • HelpSystems, LLC acquired Midrange Performance Group, Inc.

    Midrange Performance Group, Inc. develops system software that provides capacity planning and performance measurement for midrange and enterprise class servers.

  • Point of Rental Software, Inc. acquired PartyCAD.

    PartyCAD is a specialized computer-aided 3D design program for the events industry. The asset is located in the United States.

  • VendEngine, Inc. acquired Harpeth Industries Inc.

    Harpeth Industries Inc. develops technology and kiosks for the banking, health care and hospitality industries.

  • ICAPE Holding acquired DIVSYS International, LLC.

    DIVSYS International, LLC supplies printed circuit boards in the United States.

  • United Technologies Corporation acquired Predikto, Inc.

    Predikto Analytics LLC offers monitoring and analytic cloud services to predict asset failures and improve their performance.

  • York Telecom Corporation acquired Microsoft Solutions Practice from Microsoft Corporation.

    Microsoft Solutions Practice comprises cloud, data center, and platforms strategy in the systems integration division.

  • Sverica Capital Management LP, acquired a majority interest in Gener8, LLC.

    Gener8, Inc. provides turnkey design and manufacturing services for circuit boards, optical devices, medical devices, and industrial systems to technology and medical product companies.

  • Velocity Solutions, Inc. acquired CourtesyConnect/CourtesyLimit of CourtesyCloud Management Solutions, LLC.

    CourtesyConnect/CourtesyLimit of CourtesyCloud Management Solutions, LLC comprises an automated overdraft management system.

  • Pure Storage, Inc. acquired Storreduce, Inc.

    StorReduce, Inc. designs and develops cloud storage solutions for managing large scale unstructured data.

  • Communications & Power Industries LLC acquired Orbital Systems, Ltd. and Quorum Communications, Inc.

    Orbital Systems, Ltd. designs and manufactures antenna systems. Quorum Communications, Inc. provides satellite remote sensing solutions.

  • WeTransfer BV acquired all the assets of FiftyThree, Inc.

    FiftyThree, Inc. develops mobile software for making notes.

  • Output Services Group, Inc. acquired Miria Systems, Inc.

    Miria Systems, Inc. develops cloud-based financial and operational software solutions that enable companies to automate the management of paper-driven accounting, finance, and human resource business processes.

  • Multistack, LLC acquired Budzar Industries, Inc.

    Budzar Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures temperature control systems.

  • ScanSource, Inc. acquired Canpango, LLC.

    Canpango LLC provides salesforce and business consulting services for companies worldwide.

  • DTT Surveillance Inc. acquired substantially all assets of EZUniverse Inc.

    Substantially All Assets of EZUniverse Inc. operates 360iQ, a data analytics and video surveillance platform.

  • Hemisphere Gnss Inc. acquired assets of Outback Guidance Business of AgJunction Inc.

    Assets of Outback Guidance Business of AgJunction, Inc. which manufactures agricultural GPS guidance system, auto steering products and the facilities of Hiawatha, Kansas and Winnipeg, Canada.

  • Avtex Solutions, LLC acquired Adapt Telephony Services, LLC.

    Adapt Telephony Services, LLC operates as a value added reseller and integrator of unified business communications solutions for contact center automation, enterprise IP telephony, and enterprise messaging.

  • iNSERViO3 acquired Copy Source One, LTD.

    Copy Source One, LTD, a document management company, provides electronic discovery, data management, and reprographics services for law firms, Fortune 100 companies, and government agencies.

  • Rizing, LLC acquired 3D Results, LLC.

    3D Results, LLC provides consulting and data science as a service for SAP SuccessFactors.

  • WebPros BV signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in cPanel, Inc.

    cPanel, Inc. offers web hosting software, cPanel and WHM, to automate the intricate workings of web hosting servers in the United States.

  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer of gradient A.I., Stan Smith, acquired gradient A.I.

    gradient A.I. provides predictive analytics solutions to the healthcare and insurance industries.

  • Immedion, LLC announced intent to acquire Integral Solutions Group.

    Integral Solutions Group offers services to design, integrate, and manage information technology systems.

  • Arlington Capital Partners LP entered into a definitive agreement to acquire NextiraOne Federal, LLC.

    Tyto Athene, LLC provides integrated solutions and life cycle support services for telecommunications infrastructure in the United States and internationally.

  • AA Acquisition Group Inc. entered into a share purchase agreement to acquire Oryx Gaming International LLC.

    Oryx Gaming International LLC provides turnkey gaming solutions.

  • Priority Technology Holdings, Inc. acquired LandlordStation LLC.

    LandlordStation LLC designs and develops cloud based property management software.

  • Wisetech Global Limited acquired Trinium Technologies, LLC.

    Trinium Technologies, LLC provides software solutions for intermodal trucking and multimodal trucking operations in the United States and Canada.

  • The Boeing Company entered into an agreement to acquire Millennium Space Systems, Inc.

    Millennium Space Systems, Inc. designs flight systems, and develops mission and system solutions for the intelligence community, Department Of Defense, national aeronautics and space administrations, civil space, and commercial customers.

  • Comodo CA Limited acquired CodeGuard Inc.

    CodeGuard Inc. develops and provides cloud website backup services, monitoring, and malware remediation solutions to small and medium businesses.

  • World Media Group acquired MoveAdvisor .

    MoveAdvisor, Inc. offers an application that lets the users to plan, book, and manage a move.

  • Movidius, Inc. acquired Vertex.AI.

    Vertex.AI owns and operates a platform which provides visual intelligence capabilities to edge devices.

  • Accel-KKR LLC acquired an unknown majority stake in SugarCRM Inc.

    SugarCRM Inc. provides customer relationship management solutions for enterprises in the United States and internationally.

  • Advantix Solutions Group Inc. acquired the mobility management business of TeraNova Consulting Group, Inc.

    Mobility Management Business of TeraNova Consulting Group, Inc. comprises a fixed and wireless managed services business.

  • Synergy Commerce, LLC acquired Transax.

    TRANSAX, Inc. designs, develops and provides payment processing solutions.

  • Zuuse Pty Ltd entered into an agreement to acquire Hart Business Solutions LLC.

    Hart Business Solutions LLC, trading as GCPay, provides value targeted solutions to the business challenges in the construction industry.

  • UrtheCast Corp. entered into a binding term sheet agreement to acquire GEOSYS Inc.

    GEOSYS Inc. provides remote sensing, agronomy, and geographic information systems for professionals in agriculture, agronomy, and natural resources.

  • WellBrain Inc. acquired Mevoked, Inc.

    Mevoked, Inc., doing business as Mevoked, develops a behavior analytics platform to correlate online/mobile data to mental health wellness.

  • AdSwerve, Inc. acquired Analytics Pros Inc.

    Analytics Pros, Inc. is a digital analytics consultancy that provides web and mobile app analytics, tag management, dashboards and reporting, SEM, and web optimization.

  • Intapp, Inc. acquired DealCloud, Inc.

    DealCloud, Inc. provides cloud-based deal management, workflow, and technology solutions to private equity and growth capital companies, sell-side banks, publicly traded companies, and debt capital investors.

  • Clear Foundation acquired Kailo Energy from Global Unicorn Holdings, Inc.

    Kailo Energy manufactures residential solar batteries and energy management solutions for home owners.

  • IMVU, Inc. acquired StayUp, Inc.

    StayUp, Inc., a social virtual reality company, which offers real-time communication system.

  • Livechat, Inc. acquired Helpdesk.com.

    Helpdesk.com operates as online source of reference for the global audience of help desk software buyers, users, and service professionals.

  • Southwire Company, LLC acquired Garvin Industries, Inc.

    Garvin Industries, Inc. manufactures electrical, low voltage and lighting products.

  • BuildingConnected Inc. acquired TradeTapp, Inc.

    TradeTapp, Inc. develops and offers software platform for construction industry.

  • Valence Group Inc. acquired 8ninths Inc.

    8ninths, Inc., an augmented and virtual reality studio, provides platform solutions and services for various industries.

  • RisingSun Ventures acquired a majority stake in Eyenalyze, Inc.

    Eyenalyze, Inc. develops a software solution that delivers a daily picture of profitability to the food service sector.

  • Automated Systems Design, Inc. acquired Network Technologies Inc.

    Network Technologies Inc. develops and manufactures extenders, keyboard-video-mouse drawers, audio/video matrix switches, KVM switches, and video splitters for computers and video sources.

  • Summit Partners LLP agreed to acquire MercuryGate International, Inc.

    MercuryGate International, Inc. develops cloud based transportation management solutions for logistics providers, shippers, freight forwarders, and domestic freight brokers.

  • Veritone, Inc. signed an agreement to acquire Wazee Digital, Inc.

    Wazee Digital, Inc. provides cloud-based enterprise video management, delivery, and monetization services for media and entertainment customers, and broadcasters and networks worldwide.

  • Everest Technologies Co., LLC acquired Wolfinger Forensics, LLC.

    Wolfinger Forensics, LLC offers information security, electronic data collection, and digital forensic services.

  • Thoma Bravo, LLC agreed to acquire Quorum Business Solutions, Inc.

    Quorum Business Solutions, Inc. develops software solutions and provides services to manage operational, administrative, financial, and transactional business processes for oil and gas, renewable energy, pipeline, utility, midstream, and natural resource industries.

  • GreenBox Pos LLC acquired Sky Mids Technologies.

    Sky Mids Technologies operates a transactional platform that provides payments processing services.

  • An unknown buyer acquired DoctorOn LLC.

    DoctorOn LLC develops a mobile application solution that takes clear and accurate pictures of human eye for ophthalmological diagnosis and treatment.

  • Dorilton Capital Advisors LLC acquired an unknown stake in AUT Solutions, LLC.

    AUT Solutions Group, LLC designs and manufactures automated corrosion mapping equipment and flaw detection inspection systems for petrochemical, power generation, and aerospace industries.

  • WCI Consulting Corp. acquired HingePoint LLC.

    HingePoint LLC operates as a software developer, integrator, and consultant for construction and real estate industries.

  • Paragon Blockchain Inc. entered into a non-binding letter of intent to acquire CareX Blockchain Platform Inc.

    CareX Blockchain Platform Inc. operates an online blockchain platform that allows patients to control their health records and purchase healthcare services.

  • Uniti Group Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire fiber assets of Cablesouth Media, LLC.

    Fiber Assets of Cablesouth Media, LLC comprises fiber strand miles.

  • Cox Business Services, LLC acquired Rapidscale, Inc.

    RapidScale, Inc. develops cloud computing solutions to business around the world.

  • Accenture plc entered into an agreement to acquire Pillar Technology Group LLC.

    Pillar Technology Group LLC provides information technology consulting services.

  • Accenture plc acquired Mindtribe Product Engineering Inc.

    Mindtribe Product Engineering Inc., an engineering and product development consultancy, provides electrical and mechanical engineering, embedded software development, application software development, agile project management, and manufacturing support services.

  • VMware, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire?technology and team of Dell EMC Service Assurance Suite.

    Technology and Team of Dell EMC Service Assurance Suite comprises engineers, cloud network, and IT domains across physical and virtual infrastructure.

  • Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P., Qatar Investment Authority and certain other investors entered into a definitive agreement to acquire The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation.

    The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation provides commercial data, analytics, and insight on businesses.

  • One Stop Systems, Inc. agreed to acquire Concept Development, Inc.

    Concept Development, Inc. assembles printed circuit boards for aerospace, computing, and medical industry.

  • Changzhi Shen entered into a stock purchase agreement to acquire 80.02% stake in Nodechain, Inc.

    Nodechain, Inc. engages in the digital cryptocurrency mining and transaction validation operations.

  • Wunderman Commerce acquired Gorilla, Inc.

    Gorilla, Inc. operates as a web design, development, and marketing company.

  • Beacon Communications LLC acquired Photoscan NorthWest, Inc.

    Photoscan NorthWest, Inc. designs and manufactures security systems and provides installation services to residential, commercial, governmental, and institutional customers.

  • Flipps Media, Inc. acquired Avid AI Inc.

    Avid AI Inc. develops software for sports fans to interact and share their experience.

  • Patreon, Inc. acquired Memberful LLC.

    Memberful LLC develops a professional membership software solution for publishers, creators, and educators.

  • Vista Equity Partners LLC signed a definitive agreement to acquire Alegeus Technologies, LLC.

    Alegeus Technologies, LLC offers healthcare and benefit payment solutions.

  • ADT Cybersecurity acquired Secure Designs, Inc.

    Secure Designs, Inc. provides managed security products and services to the small to mid-size business segments primarily in the United States.

  • Lumination Lighting and Technology, Inc. acquired LED lighting company assets from Noribachi Corporation.

    LED Lighting Company Assets of Noribachi Corporation comprises LED lighting manufacturing business of Noribachi Corporation.

  • Nexus Technologies, Inc. acquired Cal Net Technology Group/Syndeo Technologies/Decision Consultants, Inc.

    Cal Net Technology Group and Syndeo Technologies and Decision Consultants, Inc. provide technology solutions for business.

  • Century Business Technologies, Inc. acquired Dynamic Computer Solutions, Inc.

    Dynamic Computer Solutions of Topeka, Inc. provides voice and data carrier, backup and disaster recovery, business phone systems, sales and consulting, business class sharing, and managed IT services.

  • Element Materials Technology Ltd. acquired Orbit Industries, Inc.

    Orbit Industries, Inc. manufactures electrical products for the wholesale distribution market.

  • ShapeShift AG acquired Bitfract.

    Bitfract develops software, which allows users to trade bitcoin into dozens of digital assets in a single transaction.

  • Q2 Software, Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire Cloud Lending Inc.

    Cloud Lending Inc., a cloud infrastructure company, offers a suite of SaaS applications to manage loan portfolios, increase transaction volume, and bring new products to market for non-bank financial institutions worldwide.

  • CACI International Inc. agreed to acquire the systems engineering and acquisition services business unit of CSRA LLC.

    Systems Engineering & Acquisition Services Business Unit of CSRA LLC provides systems engineering and acquisition services.

  • Procare Software, LLC signed a definitive agreement to acquire Cirrus Group LLC.

    Cirrus Group LLC operates as an application development, consulting, and investment company that focuses on building customer, financial, and operations management solutions for childcare, community learning, and education industries.

  • Trace3, Inc. acquired Data Strategy, LLC from Century Technology Group Inc.

    Data Strategy, LLC, an IT data management company, provides business technology consulting and implementation services to corporations in various industries in the United States.

  • DataOnline LLC acquired Independent Technologies.

    Independent Technologies, LLC design, manufacture and markets hardware, software products to the telecommunications, oil & gas, and power industries.

  • PlayUp Digital Pty Ltd entered into an agreement to acquire 123gaming Inc.

    123gaming Inc. develops gaming technology and products in the United States and the United Kingdom.

  • Smart-ER LLC acquired ConciergeStat.

    ConciergeStat provides automated, cloud-based technology solutions to improve patient safety.

  • Skyworks Solutions, Inc. signed a definitive agreement to acquire Avnera Corporation.

    Avnera Corporation designs and develops analog system-on-chip technology products for the consumer audio industry.

  • Avenu Insights & Analytics entered into an agreement to acquire the assets and operations of the Local and Municipal Constituent Government Software Solutions business from Conduent Incorporated.

    Local and Municipal Constituent Government Software Solutions Business of Conduent Incorporated comprises software solutions.

  • American Systems Corporation acquired DDL OMNI Engineering LLC.

    DDL OMNI Engineering LLC offers engineering and technical services.

  • Bertram Communications LLC acquired Fast Bytes Wireless Inc.

    Fast Bytes Wireless Inc. provides broadband internet services.

  • Cisco Systems, Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire Duo Security, Inc.

    Duo Security, Inc. provides a cloud-based access protection solution for companies and organizations worldwide.

  • Global Payments Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire AdvancedMD, Inc.

    AdvancedMD, Inc. provides cloud-based practice management, electronic health record, and medical scheduling software for medical practices and billing companies in the United States.

  • PATI Games Corporation agreed to acquire IMI Exchange from Moda Inc.

    IMI Exchange operates as content and services company in the emerging massively multiplayer online games market.

  • FISION Corporation entered into a definitive merger agreement to acquire Continuity Logic, LLC.

    Continuity Logic, LLC provides an integrated business continuity and risk management software solution.

  • ARM Holdings plc acquired Treasure Data, Inc.

    Treasure Data, Inc. develops and delivers managed cloud services for big data collection, storage, and analysis needs.

  • Kaleyra S.p.a signed a definitive agreement to acquire Wupima, Inc.

    Wupima, Inc. provides cloud messaging solutions for mobile users? acquisition worldwide.

  • RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH acquired majority stake in Netcom Systems, Inc.

    Netcom Systems, Inc., a business advisory and engineering services company, offers strategic technology advisory services to organizations in the networked e-business community.

  • Omnicom Precision Marketing Group acquired a majority stake in Gencorp Technologies, Inc.

    Gencorp Technologies, Inc., doing business as Credera, provides management consulting, user experience, and technology services to Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies, and government organizations.

  • Nutanix, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire FRAME, Inc.

    FRAME, Inc. provides software as a service platform that allows individuals, education institutions, businesses, and software vendors to run their Windows applications online.

  • Hexagon AB acquired Guardvant, Inc.

    Guardvant, Inc. provides fatigue monitoring and collision avoidance equipment and technology.

  • Elsevier B.V. entered into an agreement to acquire Aries Systems Corporation .

    Aries Systems Corporation develops software to manage the complexities of modern print and electronic publishing?from submission to editorial management and peer review, to production tracking and publishing channel distribution.

  • Volaris Group Inc. acquired Aleyant Systems, LLC.

    Aleyant Systems, LLC develops Web-based platforms used in the graphic arts industry.

  • Alion Science and Technology Corp. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire MacAulay-Brown, Inc.

    Macaulay-Brown, Inc. provides engineering services and product solutions to the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, Special Operations Forces, Department of Homeland Security, and federal agencies.

  • Arista Networks, Inc. acquired Mojo Networks, Inc.

    Mojo Networks, Inc. develops and delivers cloud managed WiFi platform and WiFi access points for enterprises worldwide.

  • Convergint Technologies LLC acquired Access Control Technologies, Inc.

    Access Control Technologies, Inc. distributes security and access control systems for customers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

  • Mining Power Group, Inc. entered into a letter of intent to acquire majority interest in New York Data Center.

    New York Data Center provides hosting services for the operation of cryptomining machines owned by third parties.

  • Sage Capital, LLC and members of management team acquired Check Corporation.

    Check Corporation manufactures and markets flexible heating elements, control systems, and related components.

  • Voyant Communications acquired Phaxio.

    Phaxio operates as a cloud-based CPaaS provider that helps developers and businesses integrate fax capabilities into their products and services.

  • Siemens Aktiengesellschaft signed an agreement to acquire Mendix Inc.

    Mendix Inc. provides an application development Platform-as-a-Service solution for building smart applications to business and information technology teams.

  • Insight Enterprises, Inc. acquired Cardinal Solution Group. Inc.

    Cardinal Solution Group. Inc. provides IT solutions to enterprises in North America.

  • Mining Power Group, Inc. agreed to acquire 55% stake in Northway Mining, LLC.

    Northway Mining, LLC operates as a crypto mining data center.

  • Briggs Medical Service Company entered into a definitive agreement to acquire ezPBJ.

    ezPBJ, LLC develops a software to automate payroll based journal reporting to content management system.

  • BroadVoice, Inc. acquired YipTel.

    Yiptel, L.L.C. offers business voice, video, and data communication solutions.

  • LandStar, Inc.?entered into a letter of intent to acquire all assets of Modevity, LLC.

    All Assets of Modevity, LLC comprises cloud-based data storage, protection, and workflow automation platform.

  • DATA443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. signed a letter of intent to acquire all assets of ARALOC from Modevity, LLC.

    All Assets of ARALOC comprises a cloud-based data storage, protection, and workflow automation platform.

  • Fluence Automation, LLC acquired POST Integrated Solutions.

    POSTIS, LLC, develops hardware and software for automating postal logistics.

  • Netgain Technology, Inc. acquired Afinety, Inc.

    Afinety, Inc. provides IT and cloud computing solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses.

  • Mediware Information Systems, Inc. acquired BlueStrata HER.

    BlueStrata EHR develops a cloud-based electronic health records software platform that integrates clinical, financial, and point of care services for long term care/resident care facilities.

  • Computex Inc. acquired Synetra, Inc.

    Synetra, Inc. offers information technology consulting and communication solutions.

  • WebMD Health Corp. acquired Vitals Consumer Services, LLC.

    Vitals Consumer Services, LLC provides health care transparency and engagement solutions for consumers, employers, and health plans.

  • Excelligence Learning Corporation acquired LifeCubby.

    LifeCubby LLC provides preschool classroom and childcare software for early childhood providers and families.

  • HighQ Solutions Limited acquired Legal Anywhere.

    Legal Anywhere, Inc. provided Intranet and Extranet solutions to law firms and corporate legal departments.

  • WolfePak Software, LLC acquired Conquest RT.

    Conquest RT develops Conquest RT, a mobile application that enables electronic and mobile ticketing for the collection and processing of tickets for crude oil processing, processed fluids, and dry bulk goods.

  • CompassMSP, LLC acquired Integrity Consulting Group.

    Integrity Consulting Group provides managed IT services, managed VoIP, cloud solutions, cyber security, and software development.

  • Cloudfit Software Inc. acquired BlockSpaces LLC.

    BlockSpaces LLC, a software company, specializes in connectivity, data, and scale for Internet of Things devices.

  • SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Eze Software Group LLC from TPG Capital, L.P.

    Eze Software Group LLC develops investment technology solutions to support front, middle, and back office needs worldwide.

  • DocuSign, Inc. signed a definitive agreement to acquire SpringCM Inc.

    SpringCM Inc. develops and delivers cloud-based document management software.

  • Hologic, Inc. acquired Faxitron Bioptics, LLC.

    Faxitron Bioptics, LLC manufactures cabinet X-ray systems for specimen radiography, research, and NDT applications in medical facilities, and scientific and industrial laboratories around the world.

  • Themis Computer, Inc. acquired Germane Systems LC.

    Germane Systems LC designs, tests, and manufactures commercial off the shelf-based rugged computers, servers, and storage systems for mission-critical military, aerospace, and industrial applications worldwide.

  • OSI Optoelectronics, Inc. acquired all assets of Optoelectronic Solutions Business of Luna Innovations Incorporated.

    Optoelectronic Solutions Business of Luna Innovations Incorporated designs, manufactures, and assembles custom optoelectronic subsystems.

  • Automatic Data Processing Inc. acquired Celergo LLC.

    Celergo LLC provides payroll management services. Its services include data management, new hires and terminations, gross-to-net calculations, audit of payroll changes, treasury management, foreign currency exchange, pay slip delivery, compliance filings, and GL reports.

  • RateGain IT Solutions Private Limited acquired DHISCO, Inc.

    DHISCO, Inc., a hospitality distribution company, provides a data distribution technology that enables hotel bookings around the globe.

  • NuMSP acquired ThinkIT Solutions, LLC.

    ThinkIT Solutions, LLC provides managed information technology services in the United States.

  • Splunk Inc. acquired Krypton from True Ventures, Costanoa Venture Capital, Fuel Capital, Stanford University Venture Fund, and others.

    KryptonCloud, Inc. develops a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform that allows operations and maintenance teams to search, correlate, analyze, and monitor asset-related data in real-time.

  • Mantis Vision Ltd. acquired Alces Technology, Inc.

    Alces Technology, Inc. develops Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems laser devices that enable high definition display projection and 3D thermal sensing in portable devices and confined spaces.

  • Valsoft Corp acquired Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, L.P. from Angela Margolit.

    Bluebird Auto Rental Systems, L.P. develops and distributes car rental software to vehicle rental and car loaner dealerships.

  • Integrity Applications Incorporated acquired Dependable Global Solutions Inc.

    Dependable Global Solutions Inc. provides cyber security, intelligence services, and mission assurance services.

  • SRA Holdings, Inc. acquired an unknown majority stake in Proxim Wireless Corporation from estate of Lloyd I. Miller III.

    Proxim Wireless?offers licensed and unlicensed point to point, backhaul, bridge, point to multipoint, wireless broadband and wireless access points.

  • Shanghai Bijie Enterprise Management Adivsory Co., Ltd. acquired DApps Platform, Inc..

    DApps Platform, Inc. develops application software which opeartes as a secure wallet for Ethereum, ERC20 and ERC223 tokens.

  • Plex Systems, Inc. acquired DATTUS, Inc.

    DATTUS, Inc. develops and offers a platform which provides real-time access to data, equipment status, and other information on-site and off-site via web and mobile APIs.

  • AlphaRidge, Inc. agreed to acquire managed IT services business from Lynx Technology Partners.

    Managed IT Services Business of Lynx Technology Partners, Inc. comprises a business division that provides managed IT services.

  • Land O’Lakes, Inc. acquired substantially all assets of Agren Inc.

    Agren Inc comprises a soil health and conservation planning software.

  • Fortive Corporation entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Athena SuperHoldCo, Inc. from Genstar Capital Partners VII, L.P.

    Athena SuperHoldCo, Inc. provides real estate and facilities management software.

  • M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC entered into an agreement and plan of merger agreement to acquire Solbright Group, Inc..

    Solbright Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates an industrial automation and energy management company, provides industrial Internet of things solutions that help commercial and industrial facilities.

  • Investment Metrics, LLC entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Investor Force Holdings, Inc. from MSCI Inc..

    Investor Force Holdings, Inc., provides performance measurement and reporting software to institutional investment consultants in the United States.

  • Cheetah Digital, Inc. acquired Stellar Loyalty Inc.

    Stellar Loyalty Inc. provides cloud-based customer loyalty solutions.

  • Geospace Technologies Corporation acquired Quantum Technology Sciences, Inc.

    Quantum Technology Sciences, Inc. designs and deploys in-ground security solutions to safeguard assets, critical infrastructure, borders, and perimeters.

  • Hidden Harbor Capital Partners, LLC acquired Masterwork Electronics, Inc.

    Masterwork Electronics, Inc. is an electronics manufacturing service provider.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Control Systems Limited acquired DesertMicro, Inc.

    DesertMicro, Inc. provides and implements software for waste management, hazardous waste, medical waste, paper plastic recycling, oil and solvent recycling, electronic and ewaste, propane and heating oil, petroleum distribution, and concrete and construction industries.

  • Population Health Innovations Inc. acquired Health eTools.

    Health eTools offers a software platform to manage health records of school students.

  • Metrohm AG acquired B&W Tek, Inc.

    B&W Tek, Inc. manufactures and markets mobile spectroscopy solutions.

  • Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire LumaSense Technologies Holdings, Inc.

    LumaSense Technologies Holdings, Inc. manufactures and distributes photonic based measurement and monitoring solutions.

  • AlsoEnergy, Inc. acquired Draker Corporation.

    Draker Corporation manufactures and provides cloud-based software and hardware products and solutions that enables energy monitoring, performance analysis, and asset management from Web-enabled devices.

  • Huami Corporation agreed to acquire Core Assets of Zepp Labs, Inc.

    Core Assets of Zepp International Limited comprises assets related to sensor-based training equipment manufacturing business.

  • Huami Corporation acquired Core Assets of Physical Enterprises Inc.

    Physical Enterprises Inc. comprises strapless heart rate monitor watches and activity fitness trackers manufacturing business.

  • StableGuard acquired Equine Machine Learning Company.

    Victory Parade Software, LLC designs and develops equine specific software using machine learning technique.

  • Trinity Hunt Partners acquired majority interest in Improving Holdings, LLC.

    Improving Holdings, LLC, a technology management and consulting services company, provides information technology consulting, training, recruiting, and project services.

  • AGC Inc., AGC America, Inc. and AGC Finance Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Nelco Products Inc., Neltec Inc., Neltec SA and Nelco Products Pte. Ltd.

    Electronics Business of Park Electrochemical Corp. develops and manufactures digital and microwave printed circuit materials principally for the telecommunications and internet infrastructure, enterprise, and military/aerospace markets.

  • Imperva, Inc. entered into an agreement and plan of merger to acquire Prevoty, Inc.

    Prevoty, Inc., a cloud-based security company, provides Web application security.

  • KannaLife Sciences, Inc. entered into share exchange agreement to acquire TYG Solutions Corp.

    TYG Solutions Corp., a development stage company, engages in mobile app development activities.

  • IDEX Health & Science LLC acquired Finger Lakes Instrumentation LLC.

    Finger Lakes Instrumentation LLC manufactures cooled CCD cameras, atlas focusers, centerline filter wheels, and high speed filter wheels for life science imaging, veterinary radiology, astronomy, forensics, and transmission electron microscopy.

  • Baycentric, LLC acquired Blaze Studios.

    Blaze Studios provides custom web development, web hosting, and maintenance services.

  • GGI Solutions acquired Membrane Switch Business of The Bergquist Company.

    Membrane Switch Business of The Bergquist Company manufactures membrane switches.

  • Mammut Sports Group AG acquired Mountain Hub.

    Mountain Hub, Inc. provides an online and offline GPS application for outdoor adventures.

  • GrubHub Holdings Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire SCVNGR Inc..

    SCVNGR, Inc., doing business as LevelUp, develops a mobile payment network application.

  • Ultra Clean Holdings Inc. signed an agreement to acquire Quantum Global Technologies LLC.

    Quantum Global Technologies, LLC provides outsourced process tool parts cleaning and engineering services.

  • Kape Technologies plc acquired Intego, Inc. from Bessemer Venture Partners.

    Intego, Inc. develops security and antivirus software solutions for Mac and iOS devices.

  • Wildflower Brands Inc. signed a letter of intent to acquire Evolver Holdings Corp.

    Evolver Holdings Corp. offers platform for content, learning, and commerce.

  • BiteSquad.com, LLC acquired Arrowhead Delivery.

    Arrowhead Delivery LLC designs and develops application for delivering restaurant food.

  • HealthLink Dimensions LLC acquired Alert Services Corporation.

    Alert Services Corporation develops a platform which connects hospital and health system recruiting departments with physician and advanced practitioner candidates.

  • Identity Automation Systems, LLC acquired HealthCast Inc.

    HealthCast Inc. provides access and identity management solutions to health care providers.

  • Hitachi Vantara Corporation intent to acquire REAN Cloud LLC.

    REAN Cloud LLC provides IT cloud solutions.

  • New York Internet, Inc. acquired New York data center assets of Sirius Telecommunications, Inc.

    New York Data Center Assets of Sirius Telecommunications, Inc. comprises data center colocation services.

  • Softvision, LLC acquired Arrow Digital LLC

    Arrow Digital LLC, a digital consulting company, designs, develops, and delivers technology solutions for enterprises.

  • Qlik Technologies, Inc. acquired Podium Data, Inc.

    Podium Data, Inc. develops a big data management platform.

  • Synoptek, Inc. acquired Indusa Technical Corp.

    Indusa Technical Corp. offers onsite and offsite end-to-end enterprise software solutions and services to business and clients.

  • The Riverside Company acquired a majority stake in Abracon LLC.

    Abracon LLC. manufactures frequency control, signal conditioning, clock distribution, and magnetic components.

  • MosChip Semiconductor Technology Limited signed a definitive agreement to acquire Gigacom Semiconductor LLC.

    Gigacom Semiconductor, Inc. provides solution for custom/standard based interfaces along with link layers and integrating IP into complex SOCs.

  • One Ring Networks, Inc. acquired Skyriver Communications, Inc.

    Skyriver Communications, Inc. provides commercial grade broadband Internet service to businesses.

  • MVD Communications, LLC acquired selected assets of National Telecom Services, Inc.

    National Telecom Services, Inc. comprises business that provides telephones, video, data, and network services.

  • Atos SE entered into a definitive merger agreement to acquire Syntel, Inc..

    Syntel, Inc. provides digital transformation, information technology, and knowledge process outsourcing services worldwide.

  • State Street Corporation entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Charles River Systems, Inc.

    Charles River Systems, Inc. provides solutions to automate front and middle office investment management functions across asset classes on a single platform.

  • Investview Inc. acquired United Games LLC and United League LLC.

    United Games LLC develops mobile based games. United League LLC develops mobile-based sports game system that allows users to download and play live sports games.

  • PennSpring Capital, LLC acquired Professional Systems Software & Technology, LLC.

    Professional Systems Software & Technology, LLC develops software that provides data integration solutions for school districts and municipalities.

  • High Road Capital Partners acquired Nolan Power Group, L.L.C.

    Nolan Power Group, L.L.C. provides stationary power management solutions.

  • FullCircle Registry, Inc. entered into a letter of intent to acquire KLIK Communications Inc.

    KLIK Communications Inc. manufactures and distributes wireless devices which allows content to be delivered to LCD panels and projectors from any Windows, MAC, IOS, or Android Device.

  • Evolve IP, LLC. acquired the assets of Advanced Integrated Technologies, Inc.

    Advanced Integrated Technologies, Inc. offers integrated voice and data services.

  • Integra Business Center, Inc. acquired Lightspeed Technologies, Inc.

    Lightspeed Technologies, Inc. provides IT consultancy services.

  • SSB Consulting Group LLC acquired StoneTimberRiver LLC.

    StoneTimberRiver LLC provides software solutions such as ticket sales and service, premium sales and service, and partnership sales and service.

  • All Cloud BSD acquired Figur8 Cloud Solutions.

    Figur8 Cloud Solutions provides strategic consulting, implementation, and Salesforce development services.

  • CRU Acquisition Group, LLC acquired ioSafe, Inc.

    ioSafe, Inc. designs and manufactures disaster proof hardware and disaster recovery services to protect digital assets, photos, videos, media, and financial records.

  • Environmental Systems Corporation acquired Spectrum Systems, Inc.

    Spectrum Systems, Inc. engages in the design, manufacture, and supply of standard and custom-engineered continuous emission monitoring systems to various industrial customers.

  • YouEarnedIt, Inc. acquired HighGround, Inc.

    HighGround, Inc. operates an online tool that enables to manage employee engagement, recognitions, achievements, and rewards.

  • XY – The Findables Company acquired Parallel Holding Company Inc.

    XYO Sacramento operates as a geospatial blockchain technology company.

  • Beyond Inc. acquired Boosterville Inc.

    Boosterville Inc. offers a fundraising engine that partners schools with local businesses to generate funds.

  • GCR Inc. acquired MB3 Inc.

    MB3 Inc. develops EMGrantsPro, a recovery and grants management software.

  • QualTek USA, LLC acquired NX Canada and Premier CC Inc.

    NX Canada operates as a wireline installation and engineering services company. Premier CC Inc. provides cable and network services, such as installation, configuration, and repair services for residential and commercial customers.

  • Riskonnect, Inc. signed an agreement to acquire Marsh ClearSight.

    Marsh ClearSight LLC provides cloud-based solution technology, analytics, and data service solutions across risk, safety, and claims management for various corporations in the United States and internationally.

  • Payscout, Inc. acquired Paywire, Incorporated.

    Paywire, Incorporated develops mobile software solutions that integrate with third party systems, web sites, hardware, SAP systems, and processors to meet payment processing and webhosting services.

  • ADS Security, L.P. acquired Systems By Design, Inc.

    Systems By Design, Inc. manufactures home security solutions that include home burglar, business burglar, and fire alarms.

  • Digital Media Solutions, LLC. acquired W4 Performance Ad Market.

    W4 LLC develops a platform that manages, tracks, and optimizes online response-based campaigns and offers one of the broadest mixes of performance-based online advertising campaigns for brands.

  • VideoAmp, Inc. acquired IronGrid Data Services.

    IronGrid Data Services, LLC a television data-processing technology to advertising agencies, analytics companies, DSPs, and DMPs.

  • Okta, Inc. acquired AuthClub Inc.

    AuthClub Inc. offers a cloud-native administration and security platform for engineering teams.

  • 10Pearls, LLC acquired PowerStorm.

    Powerstorm Technologies, LLC design, construct, and implement custom web applications, portals, and open source integrations.

  • Esko acquired Blue Software, LLC from Schawk, Inc. and Diversis Capital, LLC.

    Blue Software, LLC designs and develops Saas based content process management software.

  • Bossa Nova Robotics Holding Corp. acquired Hawxeye Inc.

    Hawxeye Inc. develops an artificial intelligence software solution for people and action recognition.

  • H5 Data Centers, LLC acquired data center in Quincy, Washington from Intuit Inc..

    Data Center in Quincy, Washington of Intuit Inc. comprises a data center.

  • Prime Trust, LLC acquired FundAmerica, LLC.

    FundAmerica, LLC provides SaaS tools and technology solutions to a range of issuers, broker-dealers, investment advisers, financial institutions, and other entities.

  • Clearent Software Holdings acquired Compassmax.

    Mainline Computer Systems develops dry cleaning point-of-sale software named Compassmax.

  • Prodways Group S.A. acquired Solidscape, Inc. from Stratasys Ltd..

    Solidscape, Inc. manufactures high-precision 3D printers, materials, and software for direct manufacturing of solid objects designed in CAD.

  • Midwest Prototyping, LLC acquired rapid prototyping division of Tenere, Inc.

    Rapid Prototyping Division of Tenere, Inc. comprises a division that provides prototyping services.

  • BC Partners and Noble Rock Advisors, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire majority stake in NAVEX Global, Inc.

    NAVEX Global, Inc. designs and develops a suite of ethics and compliance software solutions.

  • Certify Inc. acquired Abacus Labs, Inc.

    Abacus Labs, Inc. develops a cloud-based expense reporting solution for businesses.

  • Bracket Global LLC agreed to acquire CRF Health, Inc.

    CRF Health, Inc. develops electronic clinical outcome assessment solutions for home and site-based phase I-IV clinical trials for various therapeutic areas and patient populations in the United States and internationally.

  • LightEdge Solutions, Inc. acquired onramp access, llc.

    onramp access, llc., a data center, provides co-location, managed hosting, and disaster recovery solutions and services for businesses in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

  • KwikBoost acquired Brightbox, Inc.

    Brightbox, Inc., an end-to-end technology and consumer services company, develops and deploys mobile device charging solutions.

  • Niantic, Inc. acquired Seismic Games, Inc.

    Seismic Games, Inc. develops social games.

  • Slack Technologies, Inc. acquired Missions from Robots and Pencils Inc.

    Missions comprises an application that allows users to build tools to automate simple routines without code.

  • Bluware, Inc. acquired Headwave, Inc/Hue As.

    Headwave, Inc. develops and offers software for visualizing and analyzing data in geology, geophysics, and engineering sectors. Hue AS provides a software development platform for E&P that combines data management, advanced computing, and visualization into a single toolkit.

  • MIG Global Limited acquired thinqonline.

    thinqonline provides software platforms and IT consulting services.