2019 US Tech M&A Deals

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  • Token Communities Ltd.

    Token Communities Ltd. operates as a software as a service company. It specializes in incubating, advising, and managing companies in the blockchain and distributed ledger technologies arena, including smart contracts, TGEs, DApps, etc.


    OCD LABS, LLC designs and manufactures custom wiring and infrastructure packaging for concert touring and fixed production.

  • Sierra Monitor Corporation (OTCPK:SRMC)

    Sierra Monitor Corporation provides industrial Internet of things solutions that connect and protect infrastructure assets to the industrial and commercial facilities management market in the United States and internationally.

  • Midland Computer, Inc.

    Midland Computer, Inc. provides managed technology services for small to medium sized businesses.

  • SimpleReach, Inc.

    SimpleReach, Inc. provides a platform to track social action on published content to deliver insights and metrics around social behavior.

  • Mindful, Inc.

    Mindful, Inc., doing business as Sparkler, develops an educational mobile application that helps caregivers promite children’s healthy development and focuses on early childhood learning.

  • Buoy Labs, Inc.

    Buoy Labs, Inc. develops a smart water leak detection and control device for homes.

  • HashChain Technology Inc. (TSXV:KASH)

    HashChain Technology Inc. operates as a blockchain technology company. It engages in the cryptocurrency mining activities.

  • BizNet Software, Inc.

    BizNet Software, Inc. offers self-service analytics and reporting services for analysts and business users.

  • Ipswitch, Inc.

    Ipswitch, Inc. develops software products for secure file transfer and network monitoring across cloud, virtual, and on-premises environments.

  • Intelivert

    Intelivert designs and develops workforce safety, process optimization, and risk management software solutions for safety, compliance, and performance.

  • Quantenna Communications, Inc. (NasdaqGS:QTNA)

    Quantenna Communications, Inc. designs, develops, and markets wireless communication solutions enabling wireless local area networking in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.

  • Spoondrift Technologies, Inc.

    Spoondrift Technologies, Inc. develops ocean wave and current measurement platform for ocean communities, professionals, and enthusiasts.

  • Rural Sourcing, Inc.

    Rural Sourcing, Inc. provides information technology outsourcing services in the United States.

  • Power Partners, Inc.

    Power Partners, Inc. manufactures and provides power supply electrical equipment for medical and industrial sectors.

  • Systron Donner Inertial

    Systron Donner Inertial engages in the development of quartz MEMS inertial sensing products and systems providing precision systems solutions to aerospace, air, space, military and commercial aircraft, marine, and land vehicular applications.

  • IT Strategists, Inc.

    IT Strategists, Inc. is a business and technology consulting company that offers data warehousing, big data development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and web development services.

  • Boise, Idaho Assets of Corporate Technologies LLC

    Assets of Corporate Technologies LLC comprises IT services business in Boise.

  • Workforce Insight, LLC

    Workforce Insight, LLC provides workforce management (WFM) and analytics consulting services.

  • Dynasis Integrated Systems Corporation

    Dynasis Integrated Systems Corporation offers outsourcing solutions, managed services, application hosting, and information technology (IT) infrastructure services to small to mid-size businesses.

  • Deep Learning Analytics, LLC

    Deep Learning Analytics, LLC provides data analysis services through artificial intelligence and machine learning for energy, defense, education, social policy, biology, and e-commerce sector.

  • Venue Management System, inc.

    Venue Management System, inc. develops UrVenue, a mobile application that helps its users in reservations, ticketing, and guest management.

  • Entic LLC

    Entic LLC provides cloud based energy consumption and efficiency analytics solutions for the real-time analysis of a commercial building?s energy usage.

  • GEP Administrative Services, Inc.

    GEP Administrative Services, Inc., doing business as Entertainment Partners, provides entertainment payroll, residual, tax incentive, finance, and other integrated production management solutions to the entertainment industry.

  • KwikBoost

    KwikBoost designs, manufactures, and markets mobile device charging stations, power tables, charging lockers, and custom solutions.

  • Pelco by Schneider Electric

    Pelco by Schneider Electric designs, develops, and manufactures professional video surveillance and security system products and technologies.

  • Teleradiology Platform of Direct Radiology

    Teleradiology Platform of Direct Radiology comprises tele radiology services platform.

  • The Sextant Group, Inc.

    The Sextant Group, Inc. provides technology consulting services in North America.

  • Phacil, Inc.

    Phacil, Inc. provides information technology services.

  • SolarCapture Appliance Business

    SolarCapture Appliance Business comprises network traffic capture solutions for IT NetOps and SecOps applications.


    Connectivity Wireless, Inc. provides consulting, engineering, project management, installation, and staffing services to wireless carrier and enterprise customers seeking in-building wireless and converged network solutions.

  • QualMetrix Inc.

    QualMetrix Inc., a healthcare analytics company, provides Software-as-a-Service based analytics, actionable insights, and reporting solutions to payers, providers, employers, and risk-bearing entities in the healthcare industry.

  • Core-apps and TripBuilder Media

    Core-apps and TripBuilder Media comprises mobile event application development operations.

  • PlanSource Benefits Administration, Inc.

    PlanSource Benefits Administration, Inc. provides cloud-based benefits administration and human capital management solutions.

  • Essential Consulting LLC

    Essential Consulting LLC operates as assist providers in managing the business of healthcare services through IT based solutions to financial and operational issues.

  • Sweetspot Data Solutions Inc.

    Sweetspot Data Solutions Inc. develops cloud-based insight management tools.

  • LandPro Corp.

    LandPro Corp., a software development company, develops tract-based land and GIS software solutions for the coal, mineral, oil, and gas industries.

  • Necto Inc

    Necto Inc, an Internet Service Provider (ISP), provides access to the Internet to the southeastern neighborhoods of San Francisco.

  • Legends Business Group, Inc. (OTCPK:LGBS)

    Legends Business Group, Inc. focuses on manufacturing and/or testing various battery charging products in the United States.

  • RTP Technology Corp.

    RTP Technology Corp. operates as a reseller and integrator of technology products and solutions.

  • Sentient Technologies (USA) LLC

    Sentient Technologies (USA) LLC develops a data-analysis technology to distribute artificial intelligence software platform to graphics and computer processors worldwide.

  • Xtelesis Corporation

    Xtelesis Corporation, an IP communications integrator, provides IT and communication solutions for businesses seeking to integrate voice, video, and wired/wireless data networks.

  • Instant Data Centers

    Elliptical Mobile Solutions, LLC develops and builds micro-modular data centers for data center and cloud markets.

  • Assist Megacorp, Inc.

    Assist Megacorp, Inc. owns and operates a messaging platform for businesses.

  • Substantially All Assets of My Event Nation

    Substantially All Assets of My Event Nation comprises a mobile-first ticketing, event management, and audience engagement platform.

  • Visual Healthcare Corp. (OTCPK:VSHC)

    Visual Healthcare Corp., an information technology company, designs, creates, and develops information technology platforms for use in the fields of medicine, hospital management, data security, medical and pharmaceuticals, and healthcare infrastructures.

  • ChemScan Inc.

    Applied Spectrometry Associates, Inc. manufactures automatic chemical analysis systems for water and wastewater monitoring and control.

  • ramp.digital,inc

    ramp.digital,inc, an industrial and manufacturing-focused IoT solutions company, provides industrial IoT proof-of concept kit that contains three industrial-grade battery powered wireless sensors.

  • Promedia Audio & Video

    Promedia Audio & Video installs and integrates audio and video systems for educational facilities, corporate offices, performing arts centers, houses of worship, airports, convention centers, sports facilities, concert halls, and auditoriums.

  • Worldpay, Inc. (NYSE:WP)

    Worldpay, Inc., through its subsidiary, Worldpay Holding, LLC, provides electronic payment processing services .

  • Peachtree AI, LLC

    Peachtree AI, LLC provides technology consulting services.

  • PrintRX, LLC

    PrintRX, LLC distributes technology products, such as copiers. It provides managed print, document scanning, onsite managed, and managed IT services.

  • Omni Resources, Inc.

    Omni Resources, Inc. is an IT consulting, talent, and software development company.

  • Lighthouse Practice Management Group, Inc.

    Lighthouse Practice Management Group, Inc. develops dental appointment reminder and retention marketing software for dental practices.

  • NexDefense, Inc.

    NexDefense, Inc. develops cyber security software for automation and control systems.

  • AgileCraft, LLC

    AgileCraft, LLC develops an agile-management platform to public and private organizations worldwide. Its platform allows users ranging from engineers to executives to optimize software delivery.

  • Tactical Communications Group, LLC

    Tactical Communications Group, LLC provides tactical data link software solutions for the military community.

  • TouchstoneNet Inc.

    TouchstoneNet Inc. provides cloud-based radiology billing and scheduling software for imaging centers, mobile radiology companies, and laboratories.

  • Equiday, Inc.

    Equiday, Inc., doing business as Equiday, develops software solutions for budget planning in the education system.

  • Restoration Robotics, Inc. (NasdaqGM:HAIR)

    Restoration Robotics, Inc., a medical device company, develops and commercializes image-guided robotic systems in the United States and internationally.

  • TAVHealth Makes Inc.

    TAVHealth Makes Inc. builds and provides cloud-based tools to connect health providers to community health services.

  • Arxspan, LLC

    Arxspan, LLC develops cloud based software solutions for collaborative research.

  • Nuvotronics LLC

    Nuvotronics LLC designs, develops, and fabricates custom networks of circuits and passive components for complex microwave systems.

  • MC2, Inc.

    MC2, Inc. provides direct digital controls and energy management systems. It offers building automation systems, security systems, lighting control systems, nurse call system, communications, maintenance control services, and structured cabling services.

  • PIEtech, Inc.

    PIEtech, Inc. develops financial planning software for financial advisors in financial services industry.

  • Blue Dot Solutions, Inc.

    Blue Dot Solutions, Inc. operates as an enterprise mobile software, products, and services company. The company designs, builds, deploys, and supports a range of enterprise-grade mobile workforce management solutions in the form of packaged mobile applications and tailored mobile solutions to organizations in various industries.

  • The Arsenal Group, LLC

    The Arsenal Group, LLC designs and develops a live streaming analytics platform for streamers, game publishers, studios, and brands.

  • Boltswitch, Inc.

    Boltswitch, Inc. manufactures bolted pressure contact switches.

  • Sonics, Inc.

    Sonics, Inc. designs, develops, and supplies on-chip network (NoC), security, and power and memory subsystems for semiconductor and system companies globally.

  • Strong-Bridge Holdings, Inc.

    Strong-Bridge Holdings, Inc. provides digital transformation consulting services.

  • Dynamo Development, Inc.

    Dynamo Development, Inc. operates as a custom software development company.

  • Stashpedia

    Stashpedia develops a collecting tracker application.

  • ADVIZOR Solutions, Inc.

    ADVIZOR Solutions, Inc. develops interactive data visualization and predictive analytics software for fundraising, manufacturing, healthcare, SIEM analysis, and data analysis markets.

  • EvengX, LLC

    EvengX, LLC develops and provides SafetyNet, an agent-based and network technology that offers cross-platform technology and defense capabilities against threats and malicious behaviors.

  • Linq3 Technologies LLC

    Linq3 Technologies LLC designs, builds, and markets an online platform for traditional and digital lottery game play.

  • Velocity Online, Inc.

    Velocity Online, Inc. provides broadband telecommunication services to businesses and multi-tenant residences.

  • Avtec, Inc.

    Avtec Inc. design, manufacture and sell mission-critical radio consoles for command centers.

  • Business And Assets Of C Enterprises, L.P.

    Business And Assets Of C Enterprises, L.P. comprises cable assemblies manufacturing business.

  • Digitel Corporation

    Digitel Corporation provides integrated voice, data, and wireless communications for small to mid sized businesses.

  • Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. (NasdaqGS:MLNX)

    Mellanox Technologies, Ltd., a fabless semiconductor company, designs, manufactures, markets, and sells interconnect products and solutions. Its products facilitate data transmission between servers, storage systems, communications infrastructure equipment, and other embedded systems.

  • Nginx Software, Inc.

    Nginx Software, Inc. develops and maintains, NGINX, an open source web server for content heavy websites.

  • SRMS Network Technologies LLC

    SRMS Network Technologies LLC provides managed IT services to financial institutions.

  • TechPilot Labs, Inc.

    TechPilot Labs, Inc. provides school-specific mobile device management solutions to the K-12 market in the United States and internationally.

  • Voalte, Inc.

    Voalte, Inc. develops and provides smartphone software solutions for improving caregiver communications.

  • Figure Eight Inc.

    Figure Eight Inc. develops a human-in-the-loop artificial intelligence (AI) software platform that trains, tests, and tunes machine learning models for data science and machine learning teams.


    AMERLUX, LLC designs and manufactures interior and exterior lighting solutions.

  • International Wire Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCPK:ITWG)

    International Wire Group Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, manufactures and markets wire products for other wire suppliers, distributors, and original equipment manufacturers in the United States, France, Italy, and Poland.

  • Trans-Fast Remittance LLC

    Trans-Fast Remittance LLC provides payments network solutions. It offers person-to-person, business-to-person, and business-to-business payments services through API, SFTP, web, and mobile product applications.

  • Cetus Labs, Inc.

    Cetus Labs, Inc. develops Octopi, a cloud-based terminal operating system for small container and mixed cargo terminals.

  • EMNS Inc.

    EMNS Inc. develops Internet based supplier quality management application and software-as-a-service(SaaS).

  • RADAR Construction Software, Inc.

    RADAR Construction Software, Inc. develops and delivers cloud-based construction management software for the construction industry.

  • Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS) Business of Carestream Health, Inc.

    Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS) Business of Carestream Health, Inc. comprises the business of providing imaging information technology solutions to multi-site hospitals, radiology services providers, imaging centers, and specialty medical clinics.

  • LOFA Industries, LLC

    LOFA Industries, LLC manufactures diesel engine controls and accessories.

  • APTARE, Inc.

    APTARE, Inc. develops enterprise data center optimization software for businesses worldwide.

  • SnappyData, Inc.

    SnappyData, Inc. develops an in-memory hybrid transactional analytics database on Apache Spark.

  • Floating Point FX, LLC

    Floating Point FX, LLC develops software tools that provides data visualization and analytic platforms as a service for geospatial industries.

  • Nimbledroid, Inc.

    Nimbledroid, Inc. engages in developing Android applications that improves battery life and performance on user devices.

  • Lightspeed Data Solutions, Inc.

    Lightspeed Data Solutions, Inc. designs and develops post-trade processing system software.

  • ZentureTech LLC

    ZentureTech LLC develops an application software, which provides a retail up system that manages up-list, shows the status of all sales people, and tracks time spent with walk-ins, be-backs and other sales tasks.

  • Azuqua, Inc.

    Azuqua, Inc. develops and operates a digital automation platform for integration of software as a service (SaaS) applications.

  • Cattron Holdings Inc./ Affiliates

    Cattron Holdings Inc. engages in manufacturing and marketing wireless control solutions for rail and industrial market.

  • Lyons Digital Media, LLC

    Lyons Digital Media, LLC provides website development, website hosting, digital graphics, content management, and relationship management tools for business and nonprofit communications.

  • Audio Visual Resources, Inc.

    Audio Visual Resources, Inc. provides audio visual (AV) resources commissioning and system integration services.

  • Substantially All of the Assets of Clearview Logix, LLC

    Substantially All of the Assets of Clearview Logix, LLC comprises a business unit that develops web-based software that employs mathematical models and algorithms to help individual consumers and their families identify among the medical insurance plans available to them. States.

  • ForeFlight, LLC

    ForeFlight, LLC provides digital flight planning and navigation software.

  • daVIZta, Inc.

    daVIZta, Inc. provides revenue analytics and management solutions for life sciences companies.

  • Assessment Technology Incorporated

    Assessment Technology Incorporated designs and develops Web-based applications for education

  • Med Management Technology, LLC

    Med Management Technology, LLC develops medication management software solution for the long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) market.

  • Integrated Legacy Solutions, LLC

    Integrated Legacy Solutions, LLC provides legacy image/data migration and conversion solutions for the financial industry.

  • Microsoft Business Unit of SADA Systems, Inc.

    Microsoft Business Unit of SADA Systems, Inc. comprises a business unit that offers Microsoft cloud solutions, enterprise consulting, cloud platform migration, custom application development, managed services, user adoption and change management services.

  • Nvoicepay, Inc.

    Nvoicepay, Inc. develops and provides cloud-based accounts payable software solutions.

  • Prescribe Wellness, LLC

    Prescribe Wellness, LLC develops a cloud-based healthcare communication platform for the health care professionals to address medication adherence, patient loyalty, and medicare plan comparison.

  • WhiteHat Security, Inc.

    WhiteHat Security, Inc. operates a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Its platform enables enterprises to secure their digital businesses ranging from application creation through production, and from the desktop to mobile devices.

  • Touchtown, Inc.

    Touchtown, Inc. develops community engagement software solutions to reduce employee turnover, grow occupancy, and enhance the quality of life for seniors and their families.

  • Certain Optical Transceiver Product Lines of Lumentum Holdings Inc.

    Certain Optical Transceiver Product Lines of Lumentum Holdings Inc. comprises optical transceiver manufacturing business.

  • Mobile Communications, Inc.

    Mobile Communications, Inc. provides communications solutions and services.

  • General Photonics Corporation

    General Photonics Corporation develops and builds optical instruments and modules for optical networks, sensor systems, and biomedical diagnosis systems.

  • ThermiHealth, LLC

    ThermiHealth, LLC develops, manufactures, and distributes thermistor controlled micro-invasive and non-invasive applicators for plastic surgery and dermatology applications.

  • Mist Systems, Inc.

    Mist Systems, Inc. offers technology services that transform the indoor wi-fi experience by applying real-time big data scale statistics, signal processing, and machine intelligence to process telemetry, using cloud managed access points, network elements, and client mobile devices.


    ISLAND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANTS, INC. provides information and communications technology support services to the intelligence community and other United States government agencies.

  • Software Assets of hiku labs, inc.

    Software Assets of hiku labs, inc. comprises barcode recognition and matching software.

  • EnableSoft, Inc.

    EnableSoft, Inc. provides Foxtrot, a robotic process automation software solution for data entry tasks.

  • ORDP powered by TicketRX

    ORDP powered by TicketRX provides a digital platform that provides ticket solutions for CDL drivers and fleets.

  • Legal Industry Division of Decision Pace Inc.

    Legal Industry Division of Decision Pace Inc. provides a Web application that generates intelligent data visualizations on demand.

  • Substantially All Assets of Cartasite

    Substantially All Assets of Cartasite comprises driver safety and vehicle tracking solutions. The asset is located in the United States.

  • Substantially All Of The Assets of The Weidt Group

    Substantially All Of The Assets of The Weidt Group comprises a business unit that provides energy analysis, consulting, software tools, and data stores to utility companies, manufacturers, architects and engineers, evaluators, and policy makers to improve decision-making from pre-design, through product selection and post-occupancy.

  • Technical Building Systems Company II, Inc.

    Technical Building Systems Company II, Inc. operates as a data center infrastructure provider.

  • ProtectWise, Inc.

    ProtectWise, Inc. offers cloud-based network security services.

  • Electrical Distribution Design, Inc.

    Electrical Distribution Design, Inc. develops, customizes, and sells DEW/ISM software for electric utilities around the world.

  • BluVector, Inc.

    BluVector, Inc. operates a cyber-threat detection and hunting platform that defends enterprises against evolving security threats.

  • Viasource Division of TTM Technologies, Inc.

    Viasource Division of TTM Technologies, Inc. comprises printed circuit boards (PCB) broker service business.

  • Zeni Payments Inc.

    Zeni Payments Inc. provides credit card payment processing services.

  • Benefit Mobile, Inc.

    Benefit Mobile, Inc. develops a mobile payment application that can be used at checkout for shopping in store and online. It serves consumers, fundraisers, partners, and merchants.

  • iGov Solutions LLC

    iGov Solutions LLC provides one-stop shop regulatory licensing and enforcement software to state licensing boards.

  • Rocket Insights, Inc.

    Rocket Insights, Inc. designs and develops application for mobile, voice, and web.

  • Assets of Big Sandy Broadband, Inc

    Assets of Big Sandy Broadband, Inc comprises cable television and broadband services business.

  • SpeedPay, Inc.

    SpeedPay, Inc. provides electronic and cash bill payment services for utility, auto finance, mortgage, insurance and government industries.

  • The Flexential Fort Lauderdale Data Center

    The Flexential Fort Lauderdale Data Center operates a data center in Fort Lauderdale.

  • Hermetic Solutions Group LLC

    Hermetic Solutions Group LLC manufactures space-level interconnect products, hermetic connectors, hermetic packaging and components, and board level packaging. It also provides laser welding services, systems, and other laser manufacturing offerings.

  • ClearDB, Inc.

    ClearDB, Inc. owns and operates a cloud-based data services platform for enterprises in the United States and internationally.

  • Zero1zero Innovations

    Zero1zero Innovations provides information technology consulting and support services.

  • Rete+Pay Inc.

    Rete+Pay Inc. operates an electronic claims payment and reporting platform for healthcare providers and payers.

  • Wellsoft Corporation

    Wellsoft Corporation develops emergency department information systems that allow hospital staff to track patient activities in the United States and Canada.

  • Bedrock Data, Inc.

    Bedrock Data, Inc. operates a data management platform that allows businesses to synchronize and manage their data.

  • Versum Materials, Inc. (NYSE:VSM)

    Versum Materials, Inc. develops, manufactures, transports, and handles specialty materials for the semiconductor and display industries in the United States, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Europe, and rest of Asia.

  • Workday and Cornerstone OnDemand Business of Wipro Limited

    Workday and Cornerstone OnDemand Business comprises human capital management and financial solutions business.

  • CCPI Inc.

    CCPI Inc. provides temperature measurement solutions to ferrous, non-ferrous, heat treatment, glass, aerospace, and miscellaneous industries.

  • Coastal Flow Measurement, Inc.

    Coastal Flow Measurement, Inc. provides measurement and analytical services for natural gas and other hydrocarbon fluids in the United States and internationally.

  • Professional Fire & Security, Inc.

    Professional Fire & Security, Inc. provides designing, installation, and maintenance services of fire and security systems.

  • Datix Inc.

    Datix Inc., a software consulting company, provides software development and technology consulting solutions.

  • Health Care Software, Inc.

    Health Care Software, Inc. owns and operates an integrated clinical and financial IT platform to long-term acute care hospital, senior living, and behavioral health facilities.

  • Hoot

    Hoot develops 2D to 3D photography software.

  • Zinc, Inc.

    Zinc, Inc. is a communications technology company that provides secure mobile communication solutions to connect deskless and mobile workers with their colleagues inside and outside the office.

  • Substantially All of the Assets of Oak Group, Inc.

    All of the Assets of Oak Group, Inc. comprises assets that develop software named Making Care Appropriate for Patients’ (MCAP) system for the healthcare sector.

  • Certain Assets of SolidOpinion

    Certain Assets of SolidOpinion comprises CommentsRadar technology platform and supporting development team.

  • Preparis, Inc.

    Preparis, Inc., operates a cloud-based platform for mass emergency notification and business continuity planning, which allows organizations to reduce risk and keep the workforce safe.

  • Contactually, Inc.

    Contactually, Inc. develops and delivers web-based customer relationship management (CRM) software and contact management solutions.

  • Thermopylae Sciences and Technology, LLC

    Thermopylae Sciences and Technology, LLC develops software used in geospatial applications, mobile frameworks, and cloud computing for government and defense market.

  • Authorea, Inc. /Manuscripts.app Ltd

    Authorea, Inc. develops an online collaborative platform. Manuscripts.app Ltd develops an open writing tool for research documents.

  • ConnectWise, Inc.

    ConnectWise, Inc. provides professional services automation solutions for small and mid-sized companies.

  • Bear Cloud Software LLC

    Bear Cloud Software LLC, doing business as STR Helper, develops software solutions for short-term rental licensing and compliance to local governments.

  • Sierra Blockchain, Inc.

    Sierra Blockchain, Inc. develops software tools and apps through blockchain technologies.

  • Carlson Management Consulting, Inc.

    Carlson Management Consulting, Inc. develops cloud based solutions for Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Financial Controls and Automation, systems integration as well as provides IT consulting services.

  • Mantis Software Platform

    Mantis Software Platform comprises the business of development of vehicle recognition software.

  • Electronic Calculators, Ltd.

    Electronic Calculators, Ltd., doing business as, BEC provides hospitality Point-of-Sale technology.

  • LP Software, Inc

    LP Software, Inc, a software company, specializes in enterprise incident management and auditing solutions.

  • Euclid Technology, LLC.

    Euclid Technology, LLC. develops and markets association management software.

  • iD Commerce + Logistics LLC

    iD Commerce + Logistics LLC, a business process outsourcer, provides product fulfillment, promotional fulfillment, and enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and other organizations, as well as E-tail/retail, subscription/continuity, direct response, and non-profit industries.

  • Shippable, Inc.

    Shippable, Inc. provides Shippable, a SaaS platform that lets a client to add continuous integration/deployment to client?s Github and Bitbucket(Git) repositories.

  • Pumpkinhead, Inc.

    Pumpkinhead, Inc. provides an online service that allows users to create and manage their own identity on the Web.

  • PortfolioCenter of Schwab Performance Technologies

    PortfolioCenter of Schwab Performance Technologies comprises portfolio management and reporting solution software.

  • 27 Communication Sites

    27 Communication Sites comprises communication sites.

  • API Healthcare Corporation

    API Healthcare Corporation develops and provides Centricity workforce management solutions for the healthcare industry worldwide.

  • Metro Optical Solutions Inc.

    Metro Optical Solutions Inc. provides fiber-based networking solutions to enterprise and carrier customers.

  • AirMap, Inc./Envoy Technologies/Teralytic Inc.

    AirMap, Inc./Envoy Technologies/Teralytic Inc. represents the combined operations of AirMap, Inc., Envoy Technologies, and Teralytic Inc. in their sale to R/GA Ventures LLC and Macquarie Capital.

  • Universal Electric Corporation

    Universal Electric Corporation provides AC and DC customizable power distribution systems for business needs.

  • Saratoga Technologies, Inc.

    Saratoga Technologies, Inc., an information technology (IT) solutions company, provides technology products, software, services, and solutions.

  • Certona Corporation

    Certona Corporation provides real-time omnichannel personalization solutions.

  • Demisto, Inc.

    Demisto, Inc. operates a security orchestration, automation, and response platform that combines orchestration, incident management, and interactive investigation into a seamless experience.

  • Altia Systems, Inc.

    Altia Systems, Inc. provides PanaCast, a new camera technology that combines hardware, algorithms, and software in one device to enable to experience a panoramic-HD video stream.

  • Certain Assets and Businesses of Data Harbor Company

    Certain Assets and Businesses of Data Harbor Company comprises a business unit that provides data management and technology development services for the healthcare industry.

  • Portfolium, Inc.

    Portfolium, Inc. operates a cloud-based platform that enables students with opportunities to capture, curate, and convert skills into job offers, while giving learning institutions and employers the tools they need to assess competencies and recruit talent.

  • Full Spectrum Analytics, Inc.

    Full Spectrum Analytics, Inc. operates as service specialists for analytical instruments in the United States. The company specializes in the service, repair, and validation of a range of instruments, including gas, liquid, and ion chromatography systems; and mass spectrometers, purge-and-traps, headspace units, and total organic carbon analyzers.

  • Voice Solutions, LLC

    Voice Solutions, LLC, doing business as Automated Voice & Data Solutions, designs, installs, and maintains communications solutions.

  • mPOS Business Unit of SpotHero Inc.

    mPOS Business Unit of SpotHero Inc. comprises a parking mobility platform.

  • Springfield, West Virginia Cable System of Comcast Corporation

    Springfield, West Virginia Cable System of Comcast Corporation comprises broadband cable systems.

  • Broadcast Television Stations

    Broadcast Television Stations comprises 14 television stations, radio, and newspaper properties.

  • Code Tech Corporation

    Code Tech Corporation manufactures and supplies inkjet marking and coding solutions for various industries.

  • EnterWorks Acquisition, Inc.

    EnterWorks Acquisition, Inc., doing business as EnterWorks, Inc., provides master data management and product information management solutions for customers.

  • 5 Marketing Technology Businesses

    5 Marketing Technology Businesses provides an all-in-one online performance dashboard that helps marketers to monitor and analyze enterprise data in one place.

  • Browz, LLC

    Browz, LLC provides supplier qualification and management solutions.

  • BitMitigate

    BitMitigate develops a suite of tools for protecting websites from malicious traffic while also improving performance through a proprietary content delivery network and web application firewall.

  • Tactical Cloud

    Tactical Cloud operates as a cloud technology company.

  • Todd Clark and Associates, Inc.

    Todd Clark and Associates, Inc. designs and manufactures factory automation systems. It offers robotics, control systems, motors/amplifiers, mechanics, vision/sensing/safety, HMI/feedback, and industrial networking systems.

  • Proactive Technologies, LLC

    Proactive Technologies, LLC provides proactive and outsourced IT solutions and services.

  • Touchpeak Software Inc.

    Touchpeak Software Inc. design applications to exchange messages real-time using dynamic message routing, configuration, and switching technologies.

  • Anaqua, Inc.

    Anaqua, Inc. provides intellectual asset management software and maintenance services.

  • Three Stations in Indianapolis

    Three Stations in Indianapolis comprises three television stations.

  • Auris Health, Inc.

    Auris Surgical Robotics, Inc. develops robotics platform for diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopic procedures.

  • Online Video Platform Business of Ooyala Inc.

    Online Video Platform Business of Ooyala Inc. comprises online gaming platform for developing video games.

  • Certain Assets of Seevolution Inc.

    Certain Assets of Seevolution Inc. provides real-time customer experience web analytics solutions.

  • Four Stations and Several FM Translators

    Four Stations and Several FM Translators comprise broadcasting stations and FM translators.

  • Bright Light Systems, Inc.

    Bright Light Systems, Inc. manufactures and distributes light emitting diode (LED) and light emitting plasma (LEP) luminaires in the United States.

  • Fenris IV Incorporated

    Fenris IV Incorporated offers cyber security services.

  • Connotate Technologies, Inc.

    Connotate Technologies, Inc. provides a web data extractor platform for information product and service companies worldwide.

  • Jinfonet Software, Inc.

    Jinfonet Software, Inc. provides embedded reporting, dashboard, and mobile solutions for end users worldwide.

  • RazorSync, LLC

    RazorSync, LLC develops and publishes software for the service industry.

  • Isolation Network, Inc.

    Isolation Network, Inc. provides distribution, marketing, and rights management tools and services to content creators and owners.

  • Corner Post Holdings, Inc.

    Corner Post Holdings, Inc., doing business as Applianz Technologies, Inc., operates a micro-cloud platform that allows companies to put their applications into a local cloud environment.

  • Ushr Inc.

    Ushr Inc. develops autonomous vehicle navigation software.

  • 88.9 FM in Harlingen and 88.1 FM in McAllen of Rgv Educational Broadcasting, Inc.

    88.9 FM in Harlingen and 88.1 FM in McAllen of Rgv Educational Broadcasting, Inc. comprises radio stations.

  • WKEA-FM 98.3, WMXN-FM 101.7 And FM Translator W289BV in Scottsboro

    WKEA-FM 98.3, WMXN-FM 101.7 And FM Translator W289BV in Scottsboro comprises FM radio stations.

  • DEX Imaging, Inc.

    DEX Imaging, Inc. operates as a dealer of document imaging equipment in the United States.

  • eero inc.

    eero inc. develops Wi-Fi systems for homes.

  • eGrantsPlus of STR Grants LLC

    eGrantsPlus of STR Grants LLC comprises software and disaster recovery services business.

  • Capsule Technologies, Inc.

    Capsule Technologies, Inc. provides device connectivity and data management solutions that enable medical device manufacturers to deliver wireless health.

  • DataEmerge, LLC

    DataEmerge, LLC provides data extraction services for hospitals and physician practices.

  • Clear IT Architecture

    Clear IT Architecture provides information technology (IT) consulting, IT architecture services, IT asset management, and application rationalization services.

  • Ballerini Court Reporters and Video Conferencing

    Ballerini Court Reporters and Video Conferencing provides court reporting, video services, and electronic transcripts services.

  • Sphere3, LLC

    Sphere3, LLC develops Aperum, a mobilized analytics platform for patient experience management.

  • HailGo

    HailGo develops technician staffing app.

  • StoneEagle F&I

    The StoneEagle Group designs, develops, and delivers software solutions and enterprise administration systems for insurance carriers, third party administrators, and aftermarket product providers.

  • Lumedic Inc.

    Lumedic Inc. develops healthcare technology software based on blockchain technology.

  • Canvas Talent, Inc./Talemetry Inc./RolePoint Inc.

    Canvas Talent, Inc. operates in the technology industry. RolePoint Inc. develops talent acquisition software solutions. Talemetry Inc. develops a cloud software solution that provides recruiters with the tools to find, attract, and engage candidates.

  • PathUX, LLC

    PathUX, LLC develops cloud based marketing automation software.

  • SignCAD Systems, Inc.

    SignCAD Systems, Inc. develops CAD/CAM software solutions for traffic sign design and manufacturing facilities in the transportation industry.

  • Adya Inc.

    Adya Inc. provides cloud applications management that enable enterprises to manage and secure their SaaS applications from a single console.

  • Succession Link, LLC

    Succession Link, LLC operates an online communication and networking platform for financial professionals.

  • Ellie Mae, Inc. (NYSE:ELLI)

    Ellie Mae, Inc. provides cloud-based platform for the mortgage finance industry in the United States.

  • IDology, Inc.

    IDology, Inc. develops digital identity verification and authentication solutions.

  • LifeShield Inc.

    LifeShield Inc. manufactures, sells, and installs wireless home security systems for vacation, elder parent, mobile, and other homes, as well as home offices in the United States.

  • Substantially All The Assets of Sorenson Media, Inc.

    Substantially All The Assets of Sorenson Media, Inc. provides television data solutions.

  • WFXF 103.9-FM and WZSR 105.5-FM of Matrix Broadcasting LLC

    WFXF 103.9-FM and WZSR 105.5-FM of Matrix Broadcasting LLC comprises radio stations.

  • Substantially All Assets of Determine, Inc.

    Substantially All Assets of Determine, Inc. comprises software-as-a-service source-to-pay and enterprise contract lifecycle management (ECLM) solutions.

  • Systecon, Inc.

    Systecon, Inc. provides water management solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It offers pumping, piping, and control systems. Its products include self-contained chiller and/or boiler plants with components, such as controls, cooling towers, chillers, and boilers; flow test systems; flow meters, kW meters, pressure gauges, and other transmitters; and outdoor houses.

  • Ascent Technologies Inc.

    Ascent Technologies Inc. provides information technology (IT) consulting services.

  • Collain Health, LLC

    Collain Health, LLC develops electronic health records, and provides virtual care, interoperability, and business intelligence solutions.

  • GrokStyle Inc.

    GrokStyle Inc. develops visual search recognition software.

  • Profit Strategies, Inc.

    Profit Strategies, Inc., doing business as Coolfront Technologies, designs and develops flat rate pricing and service agreement software for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors.

  • Sawa

    Sawa design and develop automated graphic design platform.

  • Lieberman Management Services Inc.

    Lieberman Management Services Inc. (LMS) provides management systems and services for the real estate industry.

  • OnApproach, LLC

    OnApproach, LLC provides big data reporting and analytics solutions to credit unions.

  • WWNY and WNYF in New York and KEYC in Minnesota of United Communications Corporation

    WWNY and WNYF in New York and KEYC in Minnesota of United Communications Corporation comprises television stations.

  • Leak Detection Associates Inc.

    Leak Detection Associates Inc. manufactures helium-based leak detection systems for the health care and food packaging industry.


    MEI LLC manufactures semiconductor manufacturing equipment wet benches, wet processing systems, and spin rinse dryers for semiconductor, MEMs, solar, and high technology industries.

  • CTM Software, Corp.

    CTM Software, Corp. provides residential real estate workflow and transaction management software solutions.

  • Py Learning, Inc.

    Py Learning, Inc. develops a mobile-first learning platform for interactive courses on coding. The company offers courses on Python, iOS (iPhone Operating System) development, and astrophysics.

  • Ready4, Inc.

    Ready4, Inc. provides a mobile study application that allows students to prepare for the GMAT.

  • JukeBox Swap

    JukeBox Swap develops software and platform to sell or trade classic, hard to find, and new music from collectors to consumers.

  • Euclid, Inc.

    Euclid, Inc. develops a spatial analytics platform.

  • Purfresh, Inc.

    Purfresh, Inc. provides intelligent perishable supply chain management and control solutions.

  • Webroot Inc.

    Webroot Inc. provides cloud-based Internet threat detection solutions for consumers, businesses, and enterprises.

  • Endeavor Robotics

    Endeavor Robotics develops, produces, and delivers mobile robots for defense and military, public safety, and energy and industrial markets worldwide.

  • Invisible Sentinel Inc.

    Invisible Sentinel Inc. provides microbial detection tools for food safety, water, wine/beer quality, biodefense, healthcare, veterinary services, and environmental testing industries.

  • Spectrum Telecom Systems, Inc.

    Spectrum Telecom Systems, Inc. sells, installs, and services NEC telecommunication products for businesses and homes in the Central Valley of California.

  • Anchor FM Inc.

    Anchor FM Inc. develops a mobile application and a website to broadcast short audio clips to audience worldwide.

  • Pegasus Solutions Companies

    Pegasus Solutions Companies provides technology solutions for independent hotels, groups, and chains.

  • Qaravan, Inc.

    Qaravan, Inc. develops risk and performance analytics software for Community Banks.

  • Signifai Inc.

    Signifai Inc. develops an artificial intelligence incident management software.

  • CompareNetworks, Inc.

    CompareNetworks, Inc. provides media and platform products in web and mobile formats.


    SIP.US, LLC provides on-demand enterprise-class IP communications software solutions, such as SIP trunking software solutions to businesses.

  • Signal Integrity Software, Inc.

    Signal Integrity Software, Inc. develops and offers software, methodology training, and consulting services for system-level high-speed design.

  • Certain Assets of Bloombox

    Certain Assets of Bloombox comprises Bloombox software and data platform.

  • L-3 Mobile-Vision, Inc.

    L-3 Mobile-Vision, Inc. provides equipment and systems that allow agencies to capture, manage, and communicate critical information.

  • Halligan, Inc.

    Halligan, Inc. develops and markets application software for transportation industry to fleet and inventory status.

  • Technology and Team of Indix Corporation

    Technology and Team of Indix Corporation comprises artificial intelligence technology solutions.

  • All Assets of Infruid Labs Inc.

    All Assets of Infruid Labs Inc. comprises analytics and data visualization software development business.

  • AetherPal Inc.

    AetherPal Inc. develops and markets mobile device optimization software solutions that focus on the wireless communication sector.

  • Lightning Bolt Solutions, Inc./CareWire, Inc

    Lightning Bolt Solutions, Inc. provides AI-optimized physician shift scheduling technology. CareWire, Inc operates a mobile patient engagement platform.

  • C3 Security Inc.

    C3 Security Inc. develops network security software.

  • Lifi Labs, Inc.

    Lifi Labs, Inc. manufactures and sells WiFi enabled LED light bulbs in the United States and internationally.

  • Translate.com LLC

    Translate.com LLC develops software and application program interface that provides online language translation services.

  • Spectrum Global Solutions, Inc. (OTCPK:SGSI)

    Spectrum Global Solutions, Inc. provides services and infrastructure solutions to the telecommunications industry, utility entities, and enterprises sectors primarily in Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Caribbean.

  • Relational Security Corporation

    Relational Security Corporation, doing business as Rsam, develops and delivers governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management software.

  • MCP Networks Inc.

    MCP Networks Inc. develops software application which enables users to manage devices connected to home network and WiFi.

  • DataSense of BrightBytes Inc.

    DataSense of BrightBytes Inc. comprises SaaS-based data integration platform for education industry.

  • Zoom Information, Inc.

    Zoom Information, Inc. develops business-to-business (B2B) data and business information solutions for customers in sales, marketing, recruiting, or other businesses.

  • SigmaFlow LLC

    SigmaFlow LLC designs and delivers project portfolio management, process execution, and business process analysis software solutions.

  • Peak Medical Technologies

    Peak Medical Technologies provides pathology software solutions and information technology support.

  • Substantially All of the Assets and Liabilities of Anova Data Inc.

    Substantially All of the Assets and Liabilities of Anova Data Inc. mobile content delivery equipment.

  • lnnovizant LLC

    lnnovizant LLC designs and develops business analytical software solutions for advanced analytics, data engineering, and digitally connected systems.

  • The Ultimate Software Group, Inc. (NasdaqGS:ULTI)

    The Ultimate Software Group, Inc. provides cloud-based human capital management solutions to enterprise companies, mid-market companies, and companies in the strategic market in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Asia Pacific, and internationally.

  • Detrok Technology Services

    Detrok Technology Services provides technology solutions primarily for the hospitality industry in Chicago metropolitan area and suburbs.

  • Commercial Instruments & Alarm Systems, Inc.

    Commercial Instruments & Alarm Systems, Inc. designs, installs, monitors, and integrates access control, closed-circuit surveillance, fire protection, and security systems.

  • Solid Sealing Technology, Inc.

    Solid Sealing Technology, Inc. designs and manufactures ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs and connectors for demanding environments within the defense, industrial, life science, medical, research, semiconductor, and other markets.

  • Conway, Dierking & Hillman, Inc.

    Conway, Dierking & Hillman, Inc. provides professional technology consulting services to clients in the Midwest.

  • Merdeli Marketing/Erik Kellar Photography

    MERDELI, LLC provides website design, search engine optimization, social media management, and other marketing services. Erik Kellar Photography operates as a photography company.

  • ClearVoice, Inc.

    ClearVoice, Inc. develops content marketing platform. Its content marketing platform enables brands and agencies to connect with freelancers to create content.

  • Intelliteach, Inc.

    Intelliteach, Inc. provides outsourced information technology (IT) and service desk support solutions to legal and accounting markets.

  • Certain Assets of Fusion Cloud Services, LLC

    Certain Assets of Fusion Cloud Services, LLC comprises customers and associated assets, such as invoices, paperwork, and billing records.

  • Proshred Kansas City Business and Secure E-Cycle Business

    Proshred Kansas City Business and Secure E-Cycle Business comprises shredding and electronics recycling businesses.

  • All The Assets of Civic Inc.

    All The Assets of Civic Inc. comprises software solutions.

  • Open Text Corporation acquired Catalyst Repository Systems, Inc.

    Catalyst Repository Systems, Inc. designs, builds, hosts, and supports e-discovery software solutions for litigation support, compliance, and document management.

  • AMN Healthcare Services, Inc. acquired AMN Healthcare Services, Inc.

    Worksteady Inc., doing business as Silversheet, provides tools for healthcare administrators and professionals to manage their workflow and credentials.

  • EMS LINQ, Inc. acquired Infinite Cohesion, LTD.

    Infinite Cohesion, LTD., doing business as eSchoolView, operates as a Software-as-a-Service company that provides educational solutions and services in the United States.

  • Baffin Bay Networks AB acquired Loryka.

    Loryka provides data security solutions.

  • Iatric Systems, Inc. acquired Haystack Informatics, Inc.

    Haystack Informatics, Inc. designs and develops patient privacy and insider threat monitoring software for healthcare organizations.

  • Constellation Kidney Group acquired Assets of MIQS, Inc.

    Assets of MIQS, Inc. comprises Electronic Health Record and Billing solutions.

  • Augury Inc. acquired Alluvium, Inc.

    Alluvium, Inc. develops software tools to leverage data from mechanical systems and human expertise.

  • Synergy Commerce, LLC acquired AthleteTrax, LLC.

    AthleteTrax, LLC provides a team management tool for high school, competitive, and collegiate sport clubs.

  • Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. acquired private fund regulatory reporting solutions.

    Private Fund Regulatory Reporting Solutions of Pivotdata, LLC and Sol Hedge, LLC comprises an application software.

  • MetroNet Fiber Inc. acquired LightSpeed Communications, LLC.

    LightSpeed Communications, LLC provides fiber optic Internet services.

  • Starlite Broadcasting agreed to acquire KLHB-FM and KLTG-FM of Tejas Broadcasting LLP.

    KLHB-FM and KLTG-FM of Tejas Broadcasting LLP comprises radio broadcasting stations in Texas. The asset is located in the United States.

  • Cisco Systems, Inc. agreed to acquire Singularity Networks, Inc.

    Singularity Networks, Inc. provides real-time visibility and analytics for businesses to identify breaches in IT security.

  • Catalyst IT Services, Inc. acquired Digital Transformation Business of Stat?ra.

    Digital Transformation Business of Stat?ra provides strategy, implementation, change management, and managed services in Salesforce CRM, contract lifecycle management, and quote-to-cash solutions.

  • DataBank Holdings, Ltd. acquired Data Center of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

    Data Center of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. comprises a data center in Pittsburgh.

  • Livongo Health, Inc. signed a definitive agreement to acquire myStrength, Inc.

    myStrength, Inc. develops interactive web and mobile applications focusing on behavioral health programs for depression, anxiety, and substance use disorder.

  • e-MDs, Inc. acquired Aprima Medical Software, Inc.

    Aprima Medical Software, Inc. provides electronic health record, practice management, and revenue cycle management solutions for medical practices.

  • Dorsey Metrology International, Inc. acquired the optical comparator and vision system product lines of S-T Industries Inc.

    Optical Comparator and Vision System Product Lines of S-T Industries Inc comprises optical comparator and vision system manufacturing business.

  • Shell New Energies US LLC acquired Zeco Systems Pte Ltd.

    Zeco Systems Pte Ltd. designs and delivers electric vehicle charging and energy management software and solutions.

  • Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH acquired Comtrol Corporation on January 30, 2019. Pepperl+Fuchs will join the Factory Automation Division of Pepperl+Fuchs and will be known as Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc. Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol will continue its presence in Minneapolis.

    Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol Inc. designs and manufactures networking and industrial data communication products. Its products include industrial Ethernet switches, industrial IO-link gateways and blocks, industrial Ethernet gateways, multi-port serial cards, power supplies and cords, and accessories. The company serves broadcast, energy, government, hospitality, industrial, medical, security, and transportation markets. It markets and sells its products through distributors, resellers, and integrators worldwide. Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol Inc. was formerly known as Comtrol Corporation. As a result of the acquisition of Comtrol Corporation by Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, Comtrol Corporation’s name was changed. The company was founded in 1982 and is based in New Brighton, Minnesota. As of January 30, 2019, Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH.

  • Culture Amp Pty Ltd. acquired Zugata, Inc.

    Zugata, Inc. provides a mobile solution for employees to receive feedback from their employs.

  • Sonasoft Corp. signed a non-binding letter of intent to acquire Hotify Inc.

    Hotify Inc. develops artificial intelligence cloud-based enterprise solutions.

  • Propellr LLC agreed to acquire Fluidity on January 30, 2019.

    Fluidity Operations LLC develops and markets decentralized token trading platform for brokers, issuers, and financial institutions.

  • Hargray Communications agreed to acquire Dark Fiber Systems, Inc.

    Dark Fiber Systems, Inc. provides dark fiber and related services to carriers, service providers, wireless providers, corporate businesses, and non-profit organizations.

  • Sophos Group plc acquired DarkBytes, Inc.

    DarkBytes, Inc. develops a unified endpoint protection platform which offers cyber security services to commercial organizations.

  • NuMSP LLC acquired Salient IT.

    Salient IT Inc offers information technology services and solutions, such as cloud services, offices 365 support, data backup and recovery, and VOIP services.

  • Unity Technologies, Inc. acquired Vivox, Inc.

    Vivox, Inc. provides communication applications for social experiences where consumers interact on the Web, on their mobile devices, or within gaming or social networking environments worldwide.

  • Capitala Group and Westshore Capital Partners acquired Reliant Account Management, LLC.

    Reliant Account Management, LLC provides third party payment processing services to facilitate commercial transactions.

  • Cann Pharmaceutical Ltd. entered into memorandum of understanding to acquire WhiteSmoke Software Ltd in a reverse merger transaction.

    WhiteSmoke Software Ltd develops English correction and writing enhancement software solutions in Israel.

  • FanAI Inc. acquired Waypoint Media LLC.

    Waypoint Media, LLC provides information and tools necessary to make spending decisions in the Esports media landscape.

  • Blacksmith Applications, Inc. acquired T-PRO Solutions, LLC.

    T-PRO Solutions, LLC provides a suite of software applications to analyze and manage trade promotion investment in a Software-as-a-Solution environment for consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers.

  • ZephyrTel, Inc. acquired Telco business of ResponseTek.

    Telco Business of ResponseTek comprises the business of developing ResponseTek listening platform which allows organisations to capture the voice of customers on any device and in any language.

  • Zuken Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire Vitech Corporation.

    Vitech Corporation develops and commercializes systems engineering and architecting software solutions for military and government agencies, private and public companies, Fortune 500 firms, and universities worldwide.

  • Dropbox, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement to acquire JN Projects, Inc.

    JN Projects, Inc., doing business as HelloFax, Inc., provides online fax service that lets users to send, retrieve, and manage their faxes electronically.

  • BCC Software, Inc. acquired Satori Software, Inc.

    Satori Software, Inc. develops contact data quality and mailing preparation solutions for small businesses, large enterprises, and Fortune 500 enterprises in healthcare, financial services, education, direct marketing, fundraising, and other industries.

  • I.D. Systems, Inc. agreed to acquire substantially all assets of CarrierWeb LLC.

    Substantially All Assets of CarrierWeb LLC comprises technology for logistics telemetry solutions.

  • Arlington Capital Partners and certain existing shareholders of Intellectual Technology Inc. acquired?ITI.

    Intellectual Technology, Inc. develops hardware, software, and system integration solutions for motor vehicle agencies.

  • Rockwell Automation, Inc. acquired Emulate3d, Inc.

    Emulate3d, Inc. develops cost-effective software products that facilitate the demonstration, understanding, and sale of Automated Material Handling Systems, and their efficient market deployment, support, and maintenance.

  • Century Park Capital Partners, LLC along with the management team and founders of MCCi, LLC acquired an unknown majority stake in MCCi, LLC.

    MCCi, LLC provides enterprise content and business process management services.

  • S.A. Vitec acquired T-21 Technologies, LLC.

    T-21 Technologies, LLC manufactures over the top streaming media solutions, including encoders, decoders, and recorders.

  • Salesforce.com, inc. agreed to acquire Griddable Inc.

    Griddable Inc. designs and develops a SaaS platform griddable.io, which synchronizes data across platforms.

  • Entegris, Inc. signed an agreement to acquire Versum Materials, Inc.

    Versum Materials, Inc. develops, manufactures, transports, and handles specialty materials for the semiconductor and display industries in the United States, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Europe, and rest of Asia.

  • CACI, Inc. – Federal entered into a purchase and sale agreement to acquire LGS Innovations LLC.

    LGS Innovations LLC, a technology company, provides custom and commercial communications, research and development, and supporting services.

  • BioTelemetry, Inc. entered into an agreement to acquire Geneva Healthcare, Inc.

    Geneva Healthcare, Inc. provides remote monitoring consulting for cardiac device patients.

  • APC Technology Group PLC acquired Wavelength Electronics, Inc.

    Wavelength Electronics, Inc. manufactures and distributes laser diode drivers and temperature controllers catering to electro-optical original equipment manufactures and researchers.

  • Guavus, Inc. acquired SQLstream Incorporated.

    SQLstream Incorporated provides a cloud-based data stream processing platform for real-time operational intelligence with data-driven automation.

  • GSI, Inc. acquired Consulting Practice from IT Prophets, LLC.

    Consulting Practice of IT Prophets LLC comprises business that offers IT Service Management solutions and services.

  • Solutiant acquired Network Minders Solutions LLC.

    Network Minders Solutions LLC offers information technology services.

  • Figbytes Inc agreed to acquired Global Sustainability Platform from UNISON, Inc.

    Global Sustainability Platform of Unison comprises a sustainability platform.

  • North Haven Capital Partners acquired Clarity Software Solutions, Inc.

    Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. designs and develops document management solutions for the health insurance industry.

  • Auction Mobility, LLC acquired Paid Labs, Inc.

    Paid Labs, Inc. develops billing automation and invoicing platform for small and large businesses.

  • Volaris Group Inc. acquired FIVE x 5 Solutions.

    Distillery Solutions, Inc. designs and offers software solutions to craft beverage industry.

  • HORIBA Instruments Inc. acquired MANTA Instruments, Inc.

    MANTA Instruments, Inc. develops instruments that measure nanoparticles.

  • Bertram Communications LLC acquired MidAmerica Towers, Inc.

    MidAmerica Towers, Inc. constructs, manages, and maintains wireless communication tower sites in the United States.

  • GlidePath Power Solutions LLC agreed to acquire a trio of battery storage projects, located in Pennsylvania and West Virginia from NextEra Energy Resources, LLC.

    A Trio of Battery Storage Projects, Located in Pennsylvania and West Virginia comprises battery storage projects.

  • EBSCO Information Services, Inc. acquired HealthDecision, LLC.

    HealthDecision, LLC owns and operates an online information and assessment service platform for the healthcare industry.

  • MyCrypto, Inc. acquired Ambo LLC.

    Ambo LLC develops a blockchain based cryptocurrency wallet platform.

  • Envestnet | Yodlee acquired Abe AI Inc.

    Abe AI Inc develops AI powered chat bots applications for banking industry.

  • Black Mountain Systems, LLC acquired Mariana Systems on January 24, 2019..

    Mariana Systems, LLC provides cloud-based credit and portfolio management software solutions to credit management sector.

  • Microsoft Corporation acquired Citus Data, Inc.

    Citus Data, Inc. develops and distributes database products.

  • The members of the leadership team acquired NextSource, Inc.

    nextSource, Inc. develops workforce solutions for human capital management.

  • Cision Ltd. acquired Trendkite, Inc.

    Trendkite, Inc. provides PR and media monitoring software to agencies and corporate brands to help measure and analyze the impact of their PR efforts across multiple channels with minimal effort.

  • Jackson Marketing Group, Inc. acquired EMC Strategic Communications.

    EMC Strategic Communications offers communications services in the United States

  • Whistle Sports Inc. acquired New Form.

    New Form Distribution, Inc. operates a digital entertainment studio.

  • Solutions-II, Inc. acquired Chouinard & Myhre, Inc.

    Chouinard & Myhre, Inc. provides information technology solutions, software, cloud, consulting, and professional services.

  • Avalara, Inc. acquired operational assets of Compli.

    Operational Assets of Compli provides compliance services, technology, and software to producers, distributors, and importers of alcoholic beverages in the United States.

  • Ntiva, Inc. acquired Network Alliance, Inc.

    Network Alliance, Inc. offers IT management solutions, including cloud hosted desktop and VoIP services.

  • Nextech Systems, LLC acquired SRS Health.

    SRS Health creates, implements, and supports healthcare information technology solutions.

  • A-1 National Fire Co. acquired Abc Fire And Cylinder Service.

    ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. Inc., doing business as ABC Fire and Cylinder Service, manufactures fire alarms and hazard fire systems.

  • Kyriba Corp. reached an agreement to acquire FiREapps, Inc.

    FiREapps, Inc. develops foreign exchange exposure management software solutions.