Dynair Electronics

Dynair Electronics

DYNAIR Electronics

DYNAIR Electronics, Inc., a closely held company located in San Diego , California is a manufacturer of digital and analog video switches and broad band signal routers. DYNAIR Electronics, Inc. maintained a leadership position in its industry for more than 30 years. Its products are important elements of the information network of Fortune 10 companies and major government installations.

Osicom Technologies, Inc., a NASDAQ listed company headquartered in Santa Monica , California is engaged in the fiber optic and wireless communications industries.

OEM Capital was asked to assist DYNAIR Electronics, Inc. in finding sources to finance its operations prior to initiating a sale program. The company was experiencing losses for the first time in its long history as a result of delayed vendor shipments of a key custom semiconductor for a new product line. The company’s bank had called its loan.

OEM Capital immediately introduced a supplemental financing source and devised a plan to improve cash.

Our presentation of the company’s value to potential acquirers and our knowledge of the industry secured multiple bidders. When a ‘winning’ bidder unexpectedly withdrew an offer for bridge financing, we were able to close with another party within seven business days. Selling shareholders received cash plus a claim on future revenues while retaining all real estate assets.

Our success with DYNAIR Electronics, Inc. illustrates that, whether a business is healthy or distressed, superior valuations can be realized for the selling shareholders by a well-executed approach to a sale or divestiture by merger and acquisition professionals who are knowledgeable about the industry and the intentions of its participants.

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